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Disney dropped a whole lot of Frozen 2 goodies at the D23 Expo

By Flora  /  26 Aug 2019 (Monday)

We can’t wait for Disney’s Frozen 2 and Disney sure let us in on what to expect in the sequel when it premieres in theatres this November. 

We know that the main cast - Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna (Kirsten Bell), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Olaf (Josh Gad) are coming back, including directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. Frozen 2 will continue the story of the enormously successful 2013 movie by delving into the mystery of where Elsa's ice powers came from and the question of what happened to their parents.

Evan Rachel Wood is voicing Anna and Elsa's mother, Queen Iduna, while Sterling K. Brown is voicing a character named Lieutenant Matthias, a lieutenant who has been leading a troop of soldiers lost in the enchanted forest for years. 

Clips were shown at the Expo - though it isn’t released for public viewing (yet!) - here are some of the descriptions we’ve found online! One clip showed a flashback to Elsa and Anna as children, being held by their mother, Queen Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood), who sings them a lullaby. Elsa tries to fall asleep but is awoken by the sound of a voice in her head, calling to her.

Another scene shows the core characters playing charades. While Anna and Olaf are very skilled at the game, Elsa becomes distracted by a mysterious voice she hears singing outside and ends the game quickly, retiring early for the evening, and Sven and Olaf follow suit. Kristoff wants to use this opportunity to propose to Anna, but she’s concerned about her sister and doesn’t pick up on his romantic signals.

Check out the new poster that was also released at the D23 Expo, showing a better glimpse of how the enchanted forest looks like!

Disney's Frozen 2 opens InCinemas 21 November 2019!
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