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The Best and Most Memorable Oscar Speeches

By Say Peng  /  13 Sep 2019 (Friday)

Just imagine: The whole world is watching you and you have to give a speech. What would you say?

Some of Hollywood's stars, despite being capable of giving great performances, are not good speech-givers.

But there are some who are just as great at acting as they are in oratory. 

Here are some of the best and certainly the most memorable Oscar speeches.

1. The Shortest Speech in Oscar history

Sometimes less is more.

In Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas, Joe Pesci's character talks a lot - and I mean A LOT. The guy shoots his mouth off like a machine gun.

But Pesci's Oscar speech is short and sweet.

2. The Gentleman's Speech

Michael Caine, or Alfred as we all know him, won the Oscar for Supporting Actor for The Cider House Rules in 2000.

Instead of talking about himself, he graciously praised all of his fellow nominees. 

Is there a classier acceptance speech?

3. The Famous Non-Show

Marlon Brando won the Oscars in 1973 for his legendary role in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather.

But he did not turn up for the prize ceremony.

Instead, he had in his place American Indian Sacheen Littlefeather to accept the prize as he wanted to raise public awareness on the plight of the American Indian.

In our contemporary woke era, Brando was certainly ahead of his time.

4. He speaks!

Charles Chaplin is the actor and director of some of the world's most beloved films, from The Kid to 

They are all silent films. Most people, we bet, have never heard a single word from Chaplin.

Hearing Chaplin and seeing him choke back tears is as moving as watching the Tramp.

5. The Most Bonkers Reaction

When Life is Beautiful was announced as the Best Foreign Language Film, Italian director Roberto Benigni was nothing less than ecstatic.

He jumped onto the seat absolutely overjoyed, madly thrusting his arms into the air. He hopped up the stairs and then embraced presenter Sophia Loren and bowed deeply to the audience.

It was a joy to watch him.

6. The Queen's Speech

Arguably the most adorable Oscar speech ever given.

Olivia Colman has been working in the film industry for two decades, starting in 2000 with a role in the BBC comedy sketch show Bruiser. 

Her first memorable role was in Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz, in which she played PC Doris Thatcher. She has had meaty supporting roles in Tyrannosaur, The Iron Lady, and The Lobster.

Colman has never been nominated for the Oscars. The Favourite was her first Oscar nomination. So one can imagine how surprised she must have been to not only have been nominated but to have won.

7. Most Moving Speech?

Thousands of Oscar speeches have been given, but which is the most moving, the most heart-rending?

It's tough to choose. There are many deserving candidates.

But Viola Davis' speech has got to qualify for top 3.

After Viola Davis finished, host Jimmy Kimmel joked that Davis "just won an Emmy for that speech."

Do you have your favourite Oscar speeches? Share with us in the comments below!
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