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Imagine The Unlimited Possibilities If We Have Magic At Our Fingertips

By Chen Shun  /  26 Apr 2020 (Sunday)

Don’t your imagination run wild the longer you stay home? This morning, an interesting thought came to my mind. What if we had magic just like the Wizarding World from the Harry Potter franchise. What if we were all pure-blood warlocks and witches that could cast spells to assist our daily lives while confined in the comfort of our own homes? For the next 5 minutes, let your imagination run with the list below!

Create clones with different personality for fun using potions 

As most of us live alone or as a couple, it is hard to play games that require more players. For example, for Mahjong you will need 4 players or Cards Against Humanity a game that is the more the merrier. At this time, imagine using a potion that creates multiple clones of yourself! You can play, eat and most importantly have someone to chat with!

Protect you and your family with magic mask and a barrier to keep out COVID-19

'Protego Maxia' is a spell that creates a barrier to surround a specific area 

During this CB period, the government has put down a measure that states that you will need to wear a mask if you are outside but I know it can get stuffy and uncomfortable to wear a face mask for a long period. At this time, take out your wand and cast a spell on your mask! With the spell cast, the mask will still effective for blocking out the virus but at the same time, you will be able to breathe in fresh air! Or you can just cast ‘Protego Maxima’ to keep your home extra safe!

Take Flight 

left to right: Flying Ford Anglie, Broom Flight

Need to step out of your house but it will put you at risk of contacting COVID-19? This won’t be a problem if you are 5 metres in the air! Social distancing will be an easy feat if everyone could fly on a broom or a car! 

Turn up at your relative’s house in spectral form 

Sick of just FaceTiming or HousePartying with your friends and family from home? After a month, do you miss your grandparents or cousins? Imagine if you have the ability to turn up at their house but in a spectral form! You will be able to ‘meet’ your distance relatives to have a conversation, but the downside is that there won't be any physical touch.

Let your kitchen appliances do all the cooking & washing

Cast 'Scourgify' to make every clean themselves!

Sick of cooking your own meals everyday? Just think about how much effort can be reduced if the Wizarding World sells kitchen appliances that cook and washes! So the next time you might consider chanting ‘Scourgify’!

Grow your own vegetables in an instant  

Herbology Class in Hogwarts

Groceries has definitely become one of the highest expenditure in every household due to the constant cooking. If only we were like Harry who was educated in Herbology Class, we could have learnt how to grow vegetables in a day. That would have saved a big portion of expenses when we are purchasing fresh produce!

Teleport gifts to your loved ones  

As its Hari Raya season, I am sure our Malay community is slightly depressed that they can’t do house visiting this year. Don’t worry! Just like magic, DBS has read your minds and introduced ‘Digital Green Packets’ to send money as EGifts via DBS Paylah! Simply tap on the ‘Pay’ button on DBS PayLah!’s dashboard and toggle on the ‘Send as eGift’ function after entering the desired amount and message. Givers should check that they are sending the eGift to official mobile numbers used by recipients to register for DBS PayLah! and/or PayNow.

Take a luck potion and you might be one of the top 800 users to win! 

Until 20 June 2020, those who successfully send or receive a DBS eGift are eligible to participate in the DBS PayLah! eGift contest. The top 200 users every week, who make qualifying transactions of at least SGD 2 per transaction in a week, stand a chance to win a cash prize of SGD 18 each. Visit DBS for more details. 

All images are credited to the Harry Potter Movie franchise.

What other creative ways do you think magic can help us in our daily lives now? Let us know in the comments below!
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