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Watch The Lion King 3D at Cathay Cineplexes!

By InCinemas  /  28 Oct 2011 (Friday)
[Watch The Lion King movie trailer below!]
Remember the wonderful phrase Hakuna Matata? It means 'No Worries' and probably for the rest of your day! This phrase etched on the back of my head when I watched THE LION KING (1994) in theatres more than 10 years ago and as a kid I was thrilled to have watched young Simba and his companions on an adventure to regain his throne.

Now in 2011, THE LION KING returns in 3D and opens 25 October 2011 exclusively at Cathay Cineplexes! You can now enjoy this classic movie in an whole new 3D experience. Click to view its showtimes in theatres!

[The Lion King 3D movie trailer]

The use of 3D effects is noticeable in its depth throughout the movie. In fact, somehow it feels much better in 3D as though enhancing your experience in cinemas. The light compensation is just right and the screen appears blurry whenever you remove your RealD 3D glasses. The sound system in the theatre plays a critical role as well! You can feel your goose bumps rising up your arms when the drumming kicks in, "It's the CIRCLE of LIFE~!"

Overall, THE LION KING 3D is once again an apt opportunity to enjoy a 3D movie with your kids and family members, just as how I did with my family. In addition, THE LION KING 3D also comes with couple of great promotions!

Purchase the Family Package* that comes with 4 tickets and 2 medium combo sets at $59! Students can get their 3D tickets at $9 each*! You can enjoy these perks at the box office!

THE LION KING 3D is rated PG and opens 25 October 2011 exclusively at Cathay Cineplexes. Click here to view its showtimes!

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