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Chris Evans is Buzz Lightyear in Pixar's upcoming origin movie!

By Rachelle  /  11 Dec 2020 (Friday)

Captain America star Chris Evans will be voicing a Pixar character for the very first time!

Lightyear, an origin story about Toy Story‘s Buzz Lightyear, is in the works with Evans voicing the lead. Yeah, you read that right - Chris Evans is voicing Buzz Lightyear!

But why is Chris Evans voicing Buzz when we already have the iconic Tim Allen's Buzz, you ask? Don't worry, Evans version of Buzz isn't the lovable toy we all fell in love with but is in fact the inspiration to the toy! Evans made it very clear to everyone before anyone started going on a hate/boycott rampage.

Lightyear will follow how the young test pilot became the space hero that spawned the Buzz Lightyear action figure made famous in Pixar’s Toy Story movies. Angus MacLane, the co-director of Finding Dory, will be taking the reins on this movie. 

Lightyear is set to be released in US cinemas on 17 June 2022.
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