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KinoLounge by Shaw Theatres brings Cinema to Living Rooms

By Sarene  /  19 May 2021 (Wednesday)

Miss going to the cinemas? but the current surge in Covid-19 cases is keeping you home? Good News! you can now bring cinema to your living room. KinoLounge by Shaw Theatres is a pay-per view service that will stream specially selected movies — many of which will not otherwise be shown in cinemas and will be exclusive to KinoLounge such as movies that have won the Golden Globe Awards!
If miss watching Black & White films, You can now take a trip down memory lane with P Ramlee Black & White remastered digitized classic titles! An entertainment icon whose films not only represent time-capsuled stories, but also fond memories of the Golden Age of Malay Cinema.

With no strings attached– you can create an account for free and only pay for the films you want to play on your small screen! A rental fee of $4.99 is charged for each movie which you’ll then have 14 days to watch; once you press play, you'll have 48 hours to watch the movie as many times as you want.

For more info, check out KinoLounge by Shaw Theatres 
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