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November Highlights with LIfe Inspired TV Channel

By InCinemas  /  11 Nov 2011 (Friday)
[Find out what Life Inspired TV Channel has to offer this November 2011!]


Design Superheroes takes an in-depth look into the exciting, wide-ranging impact that design makes in everyday life.

In this groundbreaking series, enjoy a showcase of top design trailblazers from the region who share their creative vision and the actualization process of planned projects. Get access to exclusive insights into the challenging creative process, and marvel at how their ideas finally blossom into outstanding designs.

Watch how workers can beat the daily grind when an architect, a graphic designer and industrial engineer accomplish the almost impossible in a complete reinvention of workplaces, such as wall-less warehouses, electricity „empowering‟ employees and pop art annual reports!

Everyday surroundings get exciting when an architect, a four-man 'visual' band and a toy designer make unexpected changes to the ways we have fun. Emotions are evoked and experiences are enhanced through the combined efforts of a furniture designer, an architect and two landscape designers committed to elevating quality of life through good design.

Shoppers get enticed by bold branding and exceptional design created by three designers, while four architects aspire to create a complete eco experience to achieve higher goals.

Discover how Singapore is inspiring a whole new design culture with a search for Singapore-style architecture, a revolutionary lighting masterplan that helps the world look at the island city in a different light, and discover furniture that put Singapore on the world design map.

With an all-encompassing scope of subjects that include Work, Fun, Shop, Living, Eco and International Design, there is something for every aesthetic aficionado. So tune in to witness how good design can solve problems, enhance your quality of life and even create new opportunities and possibilities!


Ever been curious about the juicy details behind every exciting auction sale? Wonder no more with Hot Property, which features auction stories and shines the spotlight on the entire selling process.

Presented by iconic and illustrious Australian actor Michael Caton, every episode follows the fortunes of buyers, sellers, and renovators taking on the challenges of the risky real estate game. The show features a whole host of characters – ranging from first time home buyers to daringly different DIY renovators – embarking on a quest to fulfill their domestic dreams.

Share the joys and disappointments of the everyday Australians featured, which include property owners hoping to sell their homes for a good price and even anxious bidders who nervously try to outbid opponents. A word of caution: while some buyers and sellers emerge victorious from the real estate game and get exactly what they want or enjoy results that exceed expectations, some negotiations can fall apart with deals biting the dust.

The guessing game at every auction that holds equal opportunity for reaping both risks and rewards has kept audiences hooked every season. Suffice to say, there‟s no shortage of suspense and surprise as properties go under the hammer in this high-stakes home-hunting adventure!

Celebrate the best of Chinese cuisine with popular food mania travel programme, Unique Discovery! This tasty tour of China‟s culinary treasures takes you from the most remote, exotic locations to famous hotspots that crowds flock to for their foodie fix.

Gourmets will gain insider knowledge of China‟s cuisine as the show provides illuminating insights through interviews with restaurant owners and chefs who generously share the ingredients used and the process of producing good food.

In Shanghai, there‟s a surprise on every street corner! Marvel at how a Shanghai street food establishment sells over 20,000 meat dumplings a day, and discover how a rice pudding has remained popular for over 150 years.

Chengdu‟s old world charm captivates through the centuries. Admire the lavish Chengdu court cuisine once enjoyed only by emperors, learn about the curious „sad jelly‟ that leaves tasters tearing up, and learn which restaurant rakes in over 20 billion yuan a year.

Learn about Beijing‟s half-millennium-old duck stew stoves and century-old snacks, and delight at the sight of century-old ice bunkers that sheltered emperors before warming up with spicy hot pot.

Discover where royalty, politicians, business personalities, and celebrities gather in Guangzhou for delicious delicacies, be wowed by the sheer scale of serving up more than 600 types of dishes at a single restaurant, and please your palate with special rose petal dishes.

So whether you fancy delving into the history of heartwarming dim sum, or want to experience the ancient civilization‟s rich 4,000-year old culinary heritage that has taken the world by storm, there's something for everyone!
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