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23:59 is gearing up for a sequel!

By InCinemas  /  17 Nov 2011 (Thursday)
[Check out 23:59 new movie trailer and poster below]
Singapore, 17 November 2011 – Producers of the local horror thriller “23:59” is proud to announce that a sequel is in the making following the box office success of the movie!

23:59” collected an encouraging SGD $1.43 million as of 16 November, two weeks after its theatrical opening on 3 November. The movie is ready to become the 2nd highest grossing local movie this year, ranking after IT'S A GREAT GREAT WORLD which grossed SGD $2.43 million.

The producers are now in the midst of planning a sequel which will also be directed by Gilbert Chan. Public who are interested to share their ideas, army ghost stories, ghostly experiences are welcome to email them to 2359_sequel@cloverfilms.com.sg.

Produced by Clover Films, Gorylah Pictures, Innoform Media, mm2, PMP Entertainment, Passion Music & Entertainment and Grand Briliiance, “23:59 is co-distributed in Singapore by Clover Films and Golden Village Pictures.

[Henley Hii shares a story that has been passed down to him]


So, how do you find Henley's story? Do you have one to tell as well? Do share them with us on our InCinemas Facebook Fan Page!

I can recall during the press conference, the only Singaporean actor, Lawrence Koh shared his story during his army times. “My Sergeant used to tell us a lot of ghost stories and try to scare the hell out of us. But there are also some which sounded quite convincing.” Taking a breath, he continued, “I remember one particular case when my sergeant returned from his guard duty at Ammo Dump. Something had happened! Through the CCTV they can see something crawling past the fence and somebody wearing white and it’s a lady (because of the hair)!"

Creepy isn't it? What he said reminded me of what I've heard about Ammo Dump during my NS (National Service), which is likely to be after Lawrence's NS time.. If you would just notice the fourth TV camera in the guard room, you'll find that it's not operating at all. We were told that it is to be switched off for good reasons. Believe it or not, my Sergeant told us that this particular camera, which covers the jungle area, always catches an unknown figure crawling around in white or glimpses of its feet hanging around in mid-air...

If there's a movie on this, call it the 4th Camera which is bound to capture something so terribly, during the exact hours of 04:04:04am, that those who had saw it, never speak about what they have saw no matter what! And through this concept, we link them to the strange happenings of our Tekong recruits. During my time, there are cases of people fainting and one even require the transportation of a helicopter. Well, it'll be interesting to relate these cases to the 4th Camera.. But hey! That's MY IDEA! Haha..

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Hmm.. Wonder if there will be incentives if my story is used.. If the movie title somewhat needs to be similar to 23:59, try 04:04 (just for laughs).. Anyway has anyone watched 11-11-11? The cameras in the movie also filmed extra-ordinary creatures during 11:11pm.. If you're a fan of horror, who feels somewhat unsatisfied after watching 23:59, try 11-11-11 instead. Check out our InCinemas movie detail and review!

To be honest, I'm happy to know that Gilbert Chan will be the director for the sequel. After all, he took 10 years worth of effort to get this up in the first place. Despite receiving mixed reviews and comments on this movie, 23:59 took the box office by storm during its opening weekend with an encouraging SGD $742,000! Well done! Singaporeans are supportive of local films! Keep it up!

The movie “23:59” is slated to open in Malaysia 29 December 2011. Also announced on 23:59 Facebook status post.

And take a look at its new movie poster (right at the end of this post) for the Malaysia's release. Out of the 5 army recruits, 4 are Malaysians, which probably mean that 23:59 should receive an sustantial amount of support in Malaysia although the story is supposed to be based in Singapore.

I quite prefer this new movie poster because there's Mark Lee in it. Half-turned to his right, Sergeant Kuah looks determined to brave through the ominous times with his new recruits.

If there's really a sequel, we would love to have Sergeant Kuah back! If you've watched 23:59, you'll know how important he is! In fact, during the shoot, Mark offers important advice to the cast and had apparently set a good role model that all of them never fail to credit Mark Lee for his guidance during the press conference.

There was one particular scene if you can recall, when Sergeant Kuah (Mark Lee) first entered the bunk to stop the recruits fighting. Sergeant Kuah stepped in and scold Dragon (Lawrence Koh) for not standing properly. Lawrence recalled, "It wasn't in the lines but Mark Lee is quick to note of the situation and acted out naturally like what a Sergeant would have done.. That alone really impressed me.."

Watch this new trailer for Malaysia audience. Quite a difference from the Singapore's version I would say. All the "Tok Kong" ones all come out la! =)

[23:59 Movie Trailer (Malaysia)]

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