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Warehouse Sale for DVD and Blu-Rays Movie Titles!

By InCinemas  /  17 Nov 2011 (Thursday)
Warehouse Sale anyone? =)

Here's one great opportunity to get your favourite hollywood & Asian movies DVD and Blu-Ray at a lower price! The Warehouse Sale! Wanted to call it the "Ultimate" Warehouse Sale due to the influence from Kaiji 2: The Ultimate Gambler. Tatsuya Fujiwara was here in Singapore last Friday and we have one whole Facebook Album dedicated to Tatsuya Sama.

Should we hit 50 'Likes' on this Album, we promise to put up more photos of Tatsuya Fujiwara up! One of the photos is a cheerful Tatsuya lifting up the dice!

Apologies, I've digressed quite a little.. Struck by the Tatsuya-wave when he was here. P.S. Look out for our fortnightly newsletter tomorrow! Sign up as our InCinemas member for free and subscribe to our newsletter too! (Right above our website) Remember to fill in your particulars for contest verification purposes! =)

[Important Note]
Starting from tomorrow 18 November, Friday, find over 1000 titles at Asia Media Center, located at 39 MacTaggart Road! Be sure to come down earlier as we're expecting a huge turnout any time soon!

There are also free gifts & Lucky Draw with Prizes include 3D Blu-Ray players, movie passes and many more! (Terms & Conditions apply).

Don't forget to tell your friends about the Warehouse Sale this weekend!
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