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Throwback Monday: The Hunger Games (2012)

By Shafiyqah  /  30 Aug 2021 (Monday)

THROWBACK MONDAY- The Hunger Games (2012) stars Jennifer Lawrance playing the role of Katniss Everdeen who volunteers to replace her sister in a tournament that ends only when one participant remains. Pitted against contestants who have trained for this all their life, she has little to rely on.

Based on the novel by the author Suzanne Collins, The Hunger games is a film trilogy composed of the science fiction dystopian thriller genre. The first series of the trilogy , The Hunger Games (2012) was a kickstart to a whole world of dystopia in a society you won’t imagine to exist today. I have a strong preference for the first series of every trilogy or simply said, franchise films out there as it ignites the sole purpose of it co-existing in the first place. Also, it gives you an idea of why the whole series continued following its success. 

People enjoy these types of movies because they pique our interest and make us want to discover more. The society is set in a world that is very different from our own. These films are, in some aspects, a symbolism of the world that is the polar opposite of the one we live in. There is, however, a snag. There is a clear disparity between the rich and the poor in the picture. Clothing in The Hunger Games reveals a person's social standing. Katniss Everdeen was someone I aspired to be because she embodies morals and has a brave and strong persona. Despite the fact that the picture was released many years ago, I recall a number of unforgettable scenes.

I present you five of the best scenes from The Hunger Games (2012) :

1) I volunteer as tribute

Katniss Everdeen, fearful for her little sister's life, marched forward and offered as a tribute. This was significant since it was the first time someone has volunteered since the games began. This movement made by Katniss intrigued the president of the games.

2) The girl on fire

This scene made Katniss Everdeen subsequently known as, “The Girl on Fire”.  

3) Cornucopia Bloodbath

Watching the movie heightened my senses, and this sequence in particular made me wish that something similar existed in real life so that I could experience the adrenaline rush myself. However, it was a terrifying spectacle, as everyone was clearly battling for their lives.

4) Tracker Jackers

Do I need to say much? In every games we play, there willl undoubtedly be those who does things at the expense of others. Or, they will take advantage of someone's weakness. Revenge is sweet for sure.

5) Rule change

Isn't that ridiculous? My two cents of opinion thinks that this rule change was introduced on purpose by the game's organizers. While many of us were pleased with the new rule, this was the beginning of a catosphere, primitive game that will be witnessed in the next flicks. As much as having two winners is preferable to having no winners at all, it irritates me in the wrong way. If the sole purpose of the games was to see people die and only have one winner, why not just kill everyone? It's a bit of a cynicism.

Bonus scene to mention, Hope

Even though his medium is cruelty, Seneca Crane is an artist. He isn't a politician by any stretch of the imagination. He hardly comprehends the Games' role as an instrument of oppression, let alone the complexities of psychological warfare. He knows how to create a fun program, but he has no idea how to run a civilization. Though this scene may seem as a minor scene in the film, think again. The scene alone seamlessly explains the way he is as an individual and why the game even exists in the first place.

To be honest, this film franchise depicts the blurred line between people who live on the edge of poverty and those who are affluent. If you look closely, you'll notice that the wealthy are watching the games as a form of entertainment. Is it really fun to see humans try to avoid death? I'm queasy to my stomach just thinking about it.

Apart from these awful recollections, the cinematography is stunning.As I previously mentioned, the clothing worn by the rich and the poor is considerably dissimilar. I'd want to offer my piece, that I think the ensembles were unique in their own way. The visual elements and CGI were incredible.There are numerous takeaways, but we all know that this film is about survival and highlights society's injustice.

If you want to head back into the world of The Hunger Games, watch the film here: Google Play

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