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Aspiring filmmakers, its time to put your skills to use and let's get SUS!

By Shafiyqah  /  01 Sep 2021 (Wednesday)

Get your cameras ready, because it's time to get SUS! Have we piqued your interest yet?

SUS is an acronym of the term suspicious, as well as a pun for sustainability, that has become popular among digitally aware youths. The wordplay by REACH (the Ministry of Communications and Information national feedback and engagement unit) is an attempt to pique Singaporeans' – particularly youths' – interest in the inaugural 2021 SUS Ads Video Challenge.

Climate change is REAL. Fret not, you can do your part in helping Singapore build a sustainable future for generations to come.

REACH has collaborated with mm2 Entertainment and AsiaOne Online in support of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 (or Green Plan), the 2021 Sus Ads Film Challenge, is a short video competition aimed at encouraging young Singaporeans to take part in addressing environmental challenges and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Do you have any clever upcycling ideas for your old clothes? Or do you have a compelling tale to tell on the necessity of conserving water? All you will need is a video-recording device and your wildest imagination!

To participate in the video challenge, all you need is a smartphone and an unique SUS idea, whether you are a aspiring filmmaker or enjoy making videos as a pastime. Participants must submit an original short narrative, commercial, mini documentary, or a simple compilation of tips and techniques focusing on one or more of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 pillars: "Sustainable Living," "Energy Reset," or "Resilient Future."

Singapore plans to build a more sustainable city in future. As such what work will be done?
  • Plant 1 million more trees
  • Use 15% less energy in HDB towns by 2030
  • Reduce waste sent to our landfill per capita per day by 30% by 2030, and more

You might be wondering, where do I apply? What are the requirements? Am I eligible to enter?  Are there any prizes to be won? For more information, visit  Asiaone Online.

Submissions are open now till 24th September 2021, 2359 hours. *Terms and conditions apply*

What are you waiting for? Join now and do your part to build a sustainable Singapore.
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