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Golden Village Cinemas will screen 3 New Hong Kong Films in Cantonese!

By InCinemas  /  21 Jun 2022 (Tuesday)

Three new Hong Kong movies – Mama's Affair《阿妈有咗第二个》Chilli Laugh Story《阖家辣》 and Septet: The Story of Hong Kong《七人乐队》– will be screened in Cantonese ahead of their official release in Singapore!

The three films are part of the Hong Kong Films of 2022: New Beginnings 2022 香港电影全新世代》 movie showcase happening exclusively at GV VivoCity from 30 June to 3 July 2022. Sessions are limited and tickets go on sale from 3PM on 23 June.

Hong Kong Films of 2022: New Beginnings 2022 香港电影全新世代》 is a movie showcase organised by Clover Films and Golden Village to allow local audiences to enjoy the latest Hong Kong films in their original language.
Featuring a refreshing ensemble of veteran actors and some of the hottest young stars (in Mama's Affair and Chilli Laugh Story), and a tribute to Hong Kong to inspire the next generation of filmmakers (Septet: The Story of Hong Kong), the three films specially curated for the showcase signify new beginnings and the passing of the baton to a new generation of artistes and filmmakers in the Hong Kong film industry.


MAMA’S AFFAIR 《阿妈有咗第二个》 

The film follows the story of Mei-fung who was once a top artiste manager. She helped produce some of the biggest stars for her record label but when she got pregnant, she chose family over career. After years of living as a housewife, distance has grown between her, her husband and her 17-year-old son HIN. Hin is about to study abroad, and this prompts her to re-enter the entertainment world. It’s impossible at first but a chance encounter with CHING, a delivery boy at a local cafe, introduces her to a talented singer and he reignites Mei-fung’s spark. With her connections and his raw talent, the public soon fall in love with him but as her career rises again, her son Hin only sees a caring mother become a career-driven stranger, a feeling furthered when their family falls apart and Ching enters the scene and a rivalry develops between Hin and Ching…
Mama's Affair is directed by Kearen Pang 彭秀慧 and stars Teresa Mo Shun Kwan 毛舜筠, Keung To 姜涛 and Jer Lau 柳应廷. Keung To and Jer Lau are members of the wildly-popular Hong Kong boyband “Mirror” and are making their big screen debut in this movie. The film opens 11 August in Singapore.



A directorial debut by Coba Cheng 郑晋轩, this film is a heartwarming family comedy which stars Ronald Cheng 郑中基, Gigi Leung 梁咏琪, Edan Lui 吕爵安 (another member from “Mirror”) and Sandra Ng 吴君如.
The COVID-19 pandemic offered white-collar workers everywhere the chance to work from home. At first, it seemed like a luxury to be able to work outside the shackles of the office.  But for Coba, work-from-home has led to a daily cage match with his family! From deciding whether to turn “Coba mother’s homemade sauce” into an online business to choosing which type of bottle to use for packaging, long-hidden family conflicts are on the verge of erupting again. Soon enough, the family’s daily tugs-of-war become even spicier than chilli sauce. The film opens 14 July in Singapore.



This film is a sonorous symphony created in concert by seven of Hong Kong’s most revered directors who come together for the first time to compose a symphony of stories for their city. Each director was responsible for making a short film on Hong Kong set within a designated decade from the 50s to the future. These stories include Sammo Hung’s “Exercise” 洪金宝《练功》, Ann Hui’s “Headmaster” 许鞍华《​​校长》, Patrick Tam’s “Tender is the Night” 谭家明《别夜》, Yuen Wo Ping’s “Homecoming” 袁和平《回归》, Johnnie To’s “Bonanza” 杜琪峰《遍地黄金》, Ringo Lam’s “Astray” 林岭东《迷路》, and Tsui Hark’s “Conversation in Depth” 徐克《深度对话》. “Astray” in particular is Ringo Lam’s swan song. Septet: The Story of Hong Kong is shot entirely on film as a tribute to the medium itself. The producer also hopes to inspire the next generation of filmmakers through this groundbreaking collaboration. The film opens 7 July in Singapore.

Mama's AffairChilli Laugh Story and Septet: The Story of Hong Kong are co-distributed by Clover Films and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.

Date 30 June, Thursday
1 July, Friday
2 July, Saturday
2 July, Saturday
3 July, Sunday
Venue GV VivoCity
Price $16 (GVMC member); $18 (Public)
Advance Sales Starts 23 June 2022 (Thursday), 3:00pm
via all Golden Village Sales Channels
MAMA'S AFFAIR: https://bit.ly/MamasAffair-HKFilms2022
CHILLI LAUGH STORY: https://bit.ly/ChilliLaughStory-HKFilms2022
SEPTET: THE STORY OF HONG KONG: https://bit.ly/Septet-HKFilms2022

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