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Do you remember your First Time?

By InCinemas  /  08 Jun 2012 (Friday)

Everyone has their first time. That feeling of absolute bliss. That first kiss. It is only a matter of when. But nothing prepared Hong Kong model-turned-actress Angelababy 杨颖 when she was asked to do a kiss scene with actor Mark Chao 趙又廷 on their first encounter on the set of FIRST TIME!

Find out more about her experience below (Translated from First Time production notes), and how you can win a limited-edition FIRST TIME A5 movie folder from Taiwan!

Q: Joining the crew on the first day of shoot and you’ve got to shoot a kissing scene with Mark Chao?
Angelababy: Yeah.. Previously we didn’t really get the opportunity to know each other probably because of our different schedule. And when I was told about doing the kissing scene on our first day of shoot, I was like “Director, are you kidding me?”.

But I felt that it was a pretty good start because we kissed on the first day so for our rest of the scenes, we didn't feel awkward anymore.

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Q: Any objection?
Angelababy: No la, I didn’t harbour any of such thoughts. Because I already knew there was a kissing scene from the script, so on that day, I just prepared myself for the role and got on with it.

Mark and I shared a similar thinking that we’re most at ease now that we’ve already cleared the intimate scene on the first day.

Q: Are there any music you’ve listened to that fits this story or your role?
Angelababy: I was actually listening to Jay Chou's first album when I was young and having my first relationship. I remember placing the ear piece from my walkman into my ears as I walk around the school premises, enjoying the solitude of looking into my first love's classroom every now and then to see if he's there or at the basketball court or swimming pool. I haven't given any thought of a song though.

Heh.. Check out this scene from the movie and get a feel of the chemistry between Angelababy and Mark Chao in FIRST TIME.

[First Time 《第一次》 - "Stand By Me" by Mark Chao]

Q: You had only one month to shoot FIRST TIME. Was it very stressful?
Angelababy: Still okay for me. There wasn't much stress. I thought the director who was most stressful! In fact as the time went by, the feeling of getting into my character felt better and easier! The only thing I found pitiful was that one month felt too short! Just when I was beginning to fall in love with my role and the story, the production was coming to an end. That was why I thought it would be great if the shoot lasted for two months!

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Q: How do you prepare for the ‘first love’ in the movie FIRST TIME?
Angelababy: Actually I’ve always kept a learning heart, and in fact, this movie has brought me back a lot of the ‘first love’ emotions. To me, my first love is still pretty fresh in my memory. I would listen to music I used to listen in the past to find that kind of disheartening feeling of “waiting for him at the court and yet he didn’t show up”. Through music, I’m able to find these emotions back.

The other factor could be our pairing up as Mark Chao and I are quite fresh. So we would just give it all into our own characters since we aren’t really that familiar to one another. Turned out it did feel like ‘first love’.

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