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U-Kiss Charmed Fans with Their Performances and Gwyomi Dance!

By InCinemas  /  23 Apr 2013 (Tuesday)
Last saturday, Kpop boy group U-Kiss was in town for their concert, entitled “U-Kiss Collage Tour Concert Singapore”!

It was sure a worthwhile trip not only for the boys but the fans who waited for them since their last appearance in 2011.

Lucky for the fans, they didn’t have to wait too long before the concert started at about 8.45, 15 minutes later than the expected time. The seven-member group, consisting of Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, Kevin, Hoon, AJ and Dongho came out with charming white-black suits, performing ‘Believe’ as their opening song.

Thereafter, they sang one of the all-time fan favourites, ‘Bingle Bingle’ where Kissme (official fan club name for U-Kiss) were seen dancing to the beat, screaming their hearts out for their most adored member. It sure made things smoother and more intimate without having a translator as the three members, Eli, AJ and Kevin are fluent in English.

They conversed with fans and acted as the translator to the other members. It was fun to watch how the other non-English speaking members were trying to figure out the words, ad-lib to whatever the other three had to say. U-Kiss sure kept their promise in coming back to Singapore to meet their fans since their last stop here and although the concert was a tad too short, I believe fans were more than excited and contented to meet them up-close.

U-Kiss have been around in the Kpop scene for quite some time and during their introduction segment, they were thankful the fans for their support. Besides performing the popular tracks like ‘Neverland’, ‘0330’ and ‘Someday’, the boys also performed their latest song ‘Standing Still’. The sleek dance moves and neat choreography was definitely a sight to watch.

Serenading a lucky fan had to be one of the highlights of the concert. The lucky girl who got to hug each member, bring home a towel of their perspiration, she also had a group photo taken with them, leaving envious fans screaming away whenever she got close to any of the boys.

Heard of the ‘Gwyomi player’? The short poem-song that required the singer to do ‘cute’ actions with the corresponding numbers that is being recited? Yes, U-Kiss did the ‘Gwyomi player’ and while some did cute versions, others did sexy and masculine interpretations but youngest member DongHo was just plain funny, doing all kinds of weird actions, gathering one of the loudest cheers from fans.

Just before the encore performance, the members played with fans, splashing water at them from time to time while jumping and posing for cameras. They performed ‘ManManHani’ as their last song where fans were screaming and singing along to the tunes.

InCinemas would like to thank Jig Asia Entertainment for the tickets to 'U-Kiss Collage Tour Concert in Singapore'!
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