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Check out the limited edition 'Iron Man 3' iPhone 5 plates!

By InCinemas  /  26 Apr 2013 (Friday)

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Iron Man fans with iPhone 5 look out for this ultimate case that showcase the limited edition Iron Man-themed interchangeable 3D lenticular plates!

This limited edition collectors' set features a colour-coded clear case with rims the same colour as Iron-Man's armour. Set comes complete with 4 interchangeable 3D lenticular plates: One with exposed Arc Reactor (displaying the intricacies within), another of the new Mark 42 helmet, a plate featuring War Machine Helmet and last but not least one with helmet of Iron Patriot.


The plates are interchangeable within seconds and the case can also be used bare without any lenticular plates or with a little D.I.Y your own artwork or photos.

The state-of-the-art 3D process is said to ensure clear 3D viewing, without feeling the dizziness in some lenticular systems.

There is a showcase of the 4 limited edition plates at Bugis Junction (near Intercontinental Hotel) until 5 May. Check and see them for yourself!

Note: There is only a limited release of 1888 sets. Each set is priced at S$59.90.

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