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Hyun Bin Thinks the ‘Cute’ Image Doesn't Suit Him!

By InCinemas  /  30 Apr 2013 (Tuesday)
Actor-model Hyun Bin was recently in Singapore as part of his Asia Fan Meeting Tour.

He was discharged from the army back in December 2012 and besides going around for his Asian Fan Meeting Tour, he will be returning to the screen in 2014 with director Lee Jae Gyu directorial film debut, ‘King’s Wrath’.

Hyun Bin rose to fame in 2005 when he acted in the Korean drama ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’. His popularity further skyrocketed after his 2010 hit drama Secret Garden. To date, Hyun Bin continues to be one of the most sought after commercial models and actors.

We couldn’t agree more as to why he is such a popular and highly sought after celebrity. During the open press conference held at Bugis+, hundreds of fans waited patiently for him to appear, welcomed him with tremendous screams and cheers. The 1.84m actor greeted the fans with smiles and nods.

He was not only humble and gentle when answering questions from the media, he even rated himself a 30 out of 100 for his defined features and charismatic character, something most of the fans didn’t agree. His cited “I’m Happy”, a movie he filmed in 2007 or 2008 as one of the most difficult character he ever played due to the self-reflection and time spent in analysing the character.

DJ Ken requested him to do a ‘cute action’ instead of reciting the ‘Gyowmi Player’, which sent fans screaming to cheer the actor on. With much hesitation, he did a small ‘peace’ sign and said “I have been requested to do cute actions before, like for the fans but I tried, and I tried to learn but I don’t think it’s my kind of thing.”

The highlight for the press conference was when Ken opened up the questioning to a fan who was so eager to ask her idol a question. What she said not only stumped the media and host, but Hyun Bin himself. She declared her love by shouting into the mic “Will you marry me? I figured he’s single, I’m single, why not.”

The actor answered “It’s our first time meeting, I don’t know what to say to you.” And the fan quickly replied with ‘I’ll be gentle,” which screams and cheers echoed. Seemingly impressed with her daring declaration, he then smiled and gave a “thumbs up” sign to end the somewhat awkward conversation.

Besides this lucky fan who scored a ‘conversation’ with Hyun Bin, 1000 other fans got to Hi-5 with him on stage during his fan meet the day after, where he sang and interacted with them.

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