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[InC-terview] MayDay's Stone thinks he is a Shrek!

By InCinemas  /  25 May 2013 (Saturday)

When asked how he would rate himself from 1 to 10 in terms of being romantic, Stone replied that he's a Shrek! What could that mean? We leave it for you to interpret his answers!

Thanks to our friends at Festive Films, InCinemas got to get in touch with Stone, who plays a leading role, 三三 San-San, in Arvin Chen's 明天记得爱上我 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? - now showing exclusively at FilmGarde Bugis+ and GV VivoCity.

The 37-year-old father of two shares with us some of the interesting happenings during filming and acting alongside his counterpart Kimi Hsia. Check out our email InC-terview (conducted in Mandarin, translated to English) with Stone below~
"From now on, your everyday with me is going to be the most beautiful wedding portrait."

InCinemas: Share with us what are the three most important things you think a couple would need to maintain a marriage and why?

Honesty, honesty and honesty. 

InCinemas: In the movie, with the help of his friends, San-San managed to conjure a romantic proposal in attempt to win back his fiancée's heart. What's the most romantic thing you've ever done before?

Stone: Writing a song. I feel that creating a piece for the one you love is a very romantic thing to do.

InCinemas: Tell us about working with Kimi Hsia. Could you also share with us some interesting moments that took place?

Stone: The first time we met her was during the shoot of MayDay MV. At that time we were all new to the industry so we didn't really chat a lot. However, this time we get to know more about one another and I find that she's a very positive and cheery person. Her music foundation is deep and she actually yearns to get married. Some of her characteristic is very much alike with her role as Manday in the movie, except for the marriage part.

InCinemas: In the movie there are a number of wedding dinner scenes, but there isn't any kissing moments between the bride and groom. When picking roles or scripts, do you have to consider the feelings of your wife?

Stone: Nope. In fact in 2002 I was in a short film known as "Love And The City" by Doze Niu Chen-Zer 鈕承澤, and there was this kissing scene in it. The director asked my wife to come for the shoot too. However, after that I didn't ask about how she felt. Probably she minds?

InCinemas: From 1 to 10, 10 being the best. How would you rate yourself in terms of being romantic?

Stone: Say Prince Charming gets a 10. I guess I should be Shrek!

InCinemas: San-San knelt on the floor for his fiancee. What are your thoughts about a man putting his ego aside to win his lover? Are you in favour of or against this idea?

Stone: Of course I would go for the idea. Men are "forever in the wrong"!

InCinemas: What do you think the message of the movie is?

Stone: Being honest in a marriage is what I get from this movie. As to one's mid life crisis, one would need to face it with a positive mindset as everything that's the best always come from the worst. 

InCinemas: We're curious if the band MayDay would do anything special in May. Like say arranging a date that all members must meet? Does MayDay have this kind of practice?

Stone: Every May, everyone would meet up in Hong Kong for a concert. Is there anything special about this?

InCinemas: How does the other members see your performance in the movie or your progress in the industry?

Stone: I didn't ask them. I think they won't be honest with me though.

InCinemas: What are you busy with lately? What are the upcoming projects?

Stone: We won't stop on the concerts and in fact, we'll be coming to Singapore soon and hopefully, we're able to stop by for a longer period this time. Best if the later half of the year will stay in Singapore but unfortunately, there are other cities waiting for us too.. Best if my next movie can be shot in Singapore, then I would have the opportunity to stay for a longer period as usually the filming period takes up about 1 to 2 months!

明天记得爱上我 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? is rated R21 (Homosexual Theme) and is now showing exclusively at GV VivoCity and FilmGarde Bugis+! 

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MayDay will be here in Singapore on 14-15 June for their Mayday Nowhere World Tour.

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