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Who are we if we can't protect them? We have to protect them.
There are many who prey on the innocent. I'm sure your kind would agree.
Find the courage to be yourself.
There's no way we could meet. But one thing is certain. If we see each other, we'll know.
Mitsuha Miyamizu
Jamie is over and Jamie is gone. Jamie's decided it's time to move on. Jamie has new dreams he's building upon. And I'm still hurting.
Cathy Hiatt
Yeah, I know, definitely not a good time to be a Nazi.
It wasn't just a puppy.
Oh my dear God - are you one of those single tear people?
Fletcher/JK Simmons
What would Vin Diesel do?
Lisa Decker
Blockers (2018)
If we're kind and polite, the world will be right.
Paddington Brown
Paddington 2 (2017)
If I was going to live the same day over and over, I wanted it to mean something... and not just to me
Samantha Kingston
Before I Fall (2017)
So Grandma wanted my parent's money but she didn't want me?
Chinese people have saying, when people get cancer they die. It's not cancer that kills them, it's the fear.

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