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I see this spark in you. It's amazing. Whatever you choose to do with it, you'll be great.
Truth is always more interesting.
Mike Shiner
You realize to be free in this life, breaking the rules meant nothing. You have to be strong enough to make your own.
Joe Coughlin
Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth.
Iron Man
Well, sir, we’re lighter, we’re faster. And if that don’t work, we’re nastier.
Carroll Shelby
Ford v Ferrari (2019)
I need to find a way to fill this black hole in me. I still have a family. I want them to be proud of me.
Five kids, five colors, five differently colored kids!
When you use a bird to write with, it's called tweeting.
Matter cannot be created or destroyed, human.
So Grandma wanted my parent's money but she didn't want me?
While others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give.
If I had a box of bad things, I'd put you in it and close the lid.
Uh, Murray, one small thing. When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker?
Arthur Fleck
Joker (2019)

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