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Big Brother

Opening Date
16 Aug 2018
PG13 Some Violence and Drug References
102 mins
Mandarin with English & Chinese subtitles
Action, Drama
Kam Ka Wai
Donnie Yen
Henry Chen (Donnie Yen), who just started to work as a high school teacher, is faced with the crisis that his school might be scuttled by the government. And his students, the combative Jack (Jack Lok), ADHD Bruce (Bruce Tong), video-game fanatic Chris (Chris Tong), tomboy Gladys (Gladys Li) and Indian-Pakistani Gordon (Gordon Lau) are all poorly-qualified in both conduct and academic performance.

Henry uses unconventional teaching methods to smooth every problem his students are facing, and finally manages to tame all of his students one by one. Just when everything seems to be working out for Henry, a disastrous incident happened in the class. Battle-hardened veteran Henry has to set out on an ultimate battle with all the teachers and students to defend the school from being disqualified.
By Kimberly Tan  15 Aug 2018
The film is fast-paced and packed with a lot of combat fighting scenes.
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Donnie Yen returns to the big screen as both producer and actor in Big Brother. In this school-based action-comedy, he stars as Henry Chan, a retired US Marine who returns to his alma mater in Hong Kong to teach. He is assigned to class 6B, the most notorious students in the school. They disregard the school rules and the teachers; they have complicated family backgrounds and personal issues that they struggle with which hinders them from being good students.
Donnie Yen’s character brings light into the film through his genuine concern for the students, believing in their potential for success. The message is cheesy (you can do it!) and overused, but the film infuses comedy and action together to tell the story. The plot is complicated by the Education Bureaucracy who threatens to demolish the school if the students are unable to perform academically and a group of gangster mobs who are eyeing the same plot of land the school stands on. This complication in the plot keeps the film interesting.
The film is fast-paced and packed with a lot of combat fighting scenes. The fight scenes are impressive as Donnie Yen takes on a crowd of MMA fighters by himself. Despite this, the film is also emotionally charged when it delves into the lives of the students. The film deals with tough issues such as broken families, alcoholism, traditional gender stereotypes, society’s cookie mould of a successful student. The film would definitely resonate with anyone who has felt the tension in finding their own path towards success. Inspiring and deeply motivational, this film is bound to make one shed more than a few tears as it tugs at our heartstrings.
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