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The Rescue

Format(s) Available
Opening Date
25 Jan 2020
PG13 Some Intense Sequences)
100 mins
Mandarin with English subtitles
Action, Disaster
Dante Lam
Eddie Peng, Jules Hartley, Will Tomi
A rescue unit within the Chinese Coast Guard are forced to overcome their personal differences to resolve a crisis.
By Flora  18 Jan 2020
This may not be the laugh-out-loud comedy you’d expect to watch during the Chinese New Year holidays, but it’s one where you’d enjoy no matter the occasion.
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Dante Lam is back with another action-packed blockbuster, The Rescue, featuring the core group of a rescue team, starring Eddie Peng, Wang Yanlin, Xin Zhilei, Lan Yingying and Wang Yutian. 

It’s hard to follow the footsteps of action blockbusters like Operation Mekong and Operation Red Sea - both which are box office hits and are directed by Lam himself - but Lam had pretty much outdid himself with ‘The Rescue’, his third film in a series that pays tribute to the Chinese public personnel. 

His story focuses on the five characters who risk their lives in order to save others. Due to their nature of the job, they are often pushed to the extreme edge of emergencies that vary in danger. Peng plays Gao Qian, the leader of the team, and a single father to a young son. At work, he ensures the safety of his teammates and those they rescue; and at home, he hopes to rebuild his relationship with his son who he didn’t care for during his growing up years. 

The film doesn’t waste time in showing us the types of death-defying missions the rescue team go through. Lam manages to cover many areas of rescue - air, land and sea, each time building up its intensity and level of danger - from accidents on cliffs to aeroplanes crashed at sea, as well as an exploding offshore oil rig to end it with a blast (pun intended). 

On top of the high elements action sequences, The Rescue also focuses on the personal journeys of its characters, giving audiences a deeper understanding of the heroes behind their capes. Audiences also get to see the gruelling training exercises these rescuers go through - from walking through fire to solving mathematical questions in freezing waters, it shows the fearless and heroic nature of the job.

Apart from Gao Qian’s (Peng) story with his son, Zhao Cheng (Wang Yanlin) relationship with his soon-to-be wife’s narrative represents the emotions of the family members who worry for their loved one’s life each time they are called down for a rescue mission. 

Xin Zhilei plays Fang Yuling, a female pilot of the rescue helicopter who will not hesitate to go against orders in order to save a life. Fang and Gao Qian may have been loggerheads when they first met, but their admiration and love for each other starts to build after going on missions together. While it’s nice to see a romantic angle between the leads, Lam never intended to portray either being head over heels for each other, never straying off too far from the core focus of the film. 

Lam has been known for his grand action sequences and The Rescue doesn’t disappoint. His gritty camerawork adds a classic touch to the overall tone of the film. On top of making sure his big-scale explosions and crashes fare well on the big screen, he doesn’t compromise the heartfelt stories behind the men and women who brave the storm each day. 

This may not be the laugh-out-loud comedy you’d expect to watch during the Chinese New Year holidays, but it’s one where you’d enjoy no matter the occasion. If you have always been a Dante Lam fan, this is by far one of his best films and most challenging film to date. 
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