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InC-terview - Jacqueline Hughes & Carly Anderson of 'Wicked'!

By Flora  /  16 Sep 2016 (Friday)
Photo Credit: BASE Entertainment

Flying into the MasterCard theatres at end of the year is musical favourite - Wicked! The Broadway and West End musical has won numerous awards across the world, including 3 Tony® Awards on Broadway, 2 Olivier Awards in London, 6 Helpmann Awards in Australia and a Grammy® Award; not to mention, a 2019 movie adaptation is also in the works! 

Date: From 29th September 2016
Venue: Grand Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands
Cast: International Cast
Time: ​
  • Tuesday – Friday: 8pm
  • Saturday – 2pm & 8pm
  • Sunday – 1pm & 6pm
Ticketing Price: $55 - $165

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Photo Credit: BASE Entertainment

InCinemas speaks to Jacqueline Hughes and Carly Anderson, who will be playing Elphaba and Glinda in the upcoming international tour production in Singapore. They shared with us their thoughts on being a part of the production, the intensive makeup and their hopes for the movie adaption! 

Also, don’t miss the hilarious ‘lightning round’ game at the end of the clip! 


InCinemas: Tell us what do you enjoy the most in a production like Wicked.

Jacqueline: I enjoy playing Elphaba because she is so complex, and there is so many layers to elphaba and getting to go on this exciting journey with carly every evening is a real joy. And I get to sing the most incredible song, possibly written for a female voice. It’s an absolute joy to play this role. 

Carly: Glinda is a joy to play every evening. Again, like Elphaba, she is extremely complex and has so many layers and it is amazing to go on her journey every evening. She learns so fast and she really changes from the person that we meet at the start right up till she becomes Glinda the Good. 

InCinemas: Carly, how do you keep up with that energy playing Glinda eight times a week?

Carly: *laughs* "Popular” is quite of a marathon, I must say. In rehearsals I think I passed out a few times trying to learn it all, but it’s an extemely tiring show for both characters and we really have to keep ourselves fit and healthy in order to go on stage every night and do it eight times a week. But as with it, the more demanding something is, the more rewarding it seems to be.

Photo Credit: BASE Entertainment

InCinemas: Jacqueline, tell us more about the makeup process you go through each day.

Jacqueline: So every night, I arrive a bit earlier than everyone else where there is usually a makeup artist waiting for me. I go through this ‘greeni-fying’ process where I basically sit on a chair for 30mins and they paint me green. I sit and chat with the people in the room, and make some funny noises to warm up my voice. It takes about 30mins for the whole process and yes, my face gets painted, my neck, my upper body and then my hands! 

InCinemas: You must have heard about the 'Wicked' movie coming out in 2019. Any thoughts or expectations?

Carly: Yes! What an incredible show it will be! 'Wicked' will be an amazing movie and whoever gets to play those parts in the movie, I’ll be so jealous.

Jacqueline: It’s going to be amzing! Think of all the details: the magic and the flying aspects. I can’t wait to see how they do the magic moments, the bubbles and the flying monkeys! It’s going to be really exciting!

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