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[InC-terview] Learning to Cook from Martin Yan

By Freddy  /  03 Jan 2017 (Tuesday)

Image credit: Asian Food Channel

Chef Martin Yan is a household name in the States, thanks to over 35 years of experience hosting food shows. He is a strong advocate of Asian cuisine and believes that cooking is something simple that everyone can learn to do.

In ‘Martin Yan’s Asian Favourites’, he will share over 30 dishes inspired by Southeast Asian cuisines. Each of the 8 episodes will feature a staple which he would whip up into different variations. Chef Yan will also be accompanied by special guests from the region.

Let’s learn more about Chef Martin Yan and what he thinks about Asian cuisine, especially Singapore food!

‘Martin Yan’s Asian Favourites’ premieres on 5 Jan, 9pm on Asian Food Channel (Starhub Ch 435)

Image credit: Asian Food Channel

InCinemas: What first sparked your interest in cooking?
Martin: I have always been passionate about cooking for as long as I remember. Growing up, my father was a restaurateur and my mother owned a grocery store – so I have always been exposed to food and cooking. When I turned 13 – I decided to move to Hong Kong and start an apprenticeship with a popular restaurant.

InCinemas: What do you enjoy the most about hosting food shows?
Martin: I love cooking, I love to eat, I love food, and I love teaching! Hosting my own food shows allows me to combine all my passions together.  

Image credit: Asian Food Channel

InCinemas: Being an advocate of Asian food, what makes Asian cuisines distinct from dishes from other parts of the world?
Martin: Asian dishes combine a wide range of flavors. You have the balance of tangy, sour, sweet, savory, and tart. That’s what makes Asian cooking so exciting! Plus, it is so simple to cook, anyone can do it.

InCinemas: Having lived and travelled around the world, do you think Singapore food is unique? Why?
Martin: Singapore cuisine has always been fascinating and inspiring to me. I think it is unique because it is a fusion of different cultures and flavors, from the Malays, Chinese and Indians.

Image credit: Asian Food Channel

InCinemas: You are a proponent of the message that everyone can cook. What makes you believe in this so strongly?
Martin: The more I learn about the essential principles of Chinese cuisine, the more I understand that they’re always the same, whether you are preparing a 10-course banquet or a simple bowl of noodles. I have found that Chinese meals are remarkably easy to cook! Anyone can cook it once they understand the basics.  

InCinemas: What is one trick that every beginner in cooking should know?
Martin: One trick every beginner in cooking should know is basic knife skills.

InCinemas: How is Martin Yan’s Asian Favorites different from other cooking shows you’ve hosted?
Martin: In Martin Yan’s Asian Favorites, I combine all my years of experience from travelling across Asia into the kitchen and share with my viewers authentic Asian dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, with my own personal twist! My aim is to show viewers how easy it is to make these dishes at home in your very own kitchen.

‘Martin Yan’s Asian Favourites’ premieres on 5 Jan, 9pm on Asian Food Channel (Starhub Ch 435)
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