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[InC-terview] Lead Cast of 'Cinderella - A Fairly True Story'.

By Flora  /  21 Dec 2015 (Monday)
From the creators of Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story comes the Asian debut of Cinderella, A Fairly True Story.

A musical production of the fairytale classic with a contemporary twist, featuring original songs and remixes from popular hits, with dynamic choreography and memorable moments of magic.

We talk to lead cast, Charlotte Campion and Caleb Vines, who play Cinderella and the Prince, as they share their thoughts on the musical, and their favourite moments as their characters. 

Cinderella, A Fairly True Story
Date: 10 Dec 2015 - 4 Jan 2016
Time: 2pm, 7pm
Venue: Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
Ticket Pricing: 
  • $78
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  • $138
  • $168  
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InCinemas: This production is a little different from the classic fairytale we know. What are some of your favourite new elements from the musical?

Charlotte Campion: That the mother is more present and the relationship between her and Cinderella is strong and she functions as the fairy godmother. Cinderella is a much stronger character and isn't a damsel in distress, she finds her inner strength.

Caleb Vines: I love the complexity of the relationships in this version. On a personal level, my character of the prince, has a new relationship with his "Aunty Nanny' who is the woman who raised him. She is his closest confidant and helps him find a wife.

InCinemas: What are some of the challenges playing a character that the public would already have an idea about Cinderella/Prince, on how she should act, feel and react?

Charlotte Campion: Being surrounded by such strong personalities such as the stepmother and step sisters it is easy to feel overshadowed by them which is perhaps what the audience expects, however I try very hard to give Cinderella a fully realised 3-dimensional personality. I wanted to develop Cinderella' s depth of character so she has an interesting character arc that the audience may not expect.

Caleb Vines: I think the public expect me to be charming 100% of the time, however I enjoy the many different facets that I get to play in my version of the prince. My prince is a little spoilt, a little sheltered and quite frustrated in his inability to take charge of his own life. Through meeting Cinderella he is able to finally take ownership of his life. 

InCinemas: On that note, what’s so special about your role compared to the Cinderella we may have come across? What is it about Cinderella that attracted you to play the role?

Charlotte Campion: Its been a gift for me to bring my version of Cinderella to a new generation. There are many wonderful actresses who have portrayed the role and I feel lucky to be amongst great company.

Caleb Vines: Its lovely to be in a show that has such a rich history and at the same time to bring a whole new meaning to it. The story is a very important allegory that teaches us that there are consequences for our action for both good and evil. I think as we live in more uncertain time it's nice to have stories for children that have such concrete absolutes; its a comforting thing.

InCinemas: What does this story mean to you?

Charlotte Campion: Its about a girl who has nothing in her life but dreams big for the future. She harnesses her inner strength to make her dreams come true which I think is a beautiful message for children and adults alike.

InCinemas: Is Cinderella your favourite Disney fairytale? What about Cinderella/the prince that you enjoy playing the most.

Charlotte Campion: Its one of many I enjoyed as a child. 

Caleb Vines: It isn't my favourite however its lovely to bring more depth to my role and the story at large. Therefore this particular version is a joy to be a part of.

InCinemas It seems that the Prince and Cinderella may have fallen in love with each other at first sight. What are your thoughts on love at first sight?

Charlotte Campion: Yes I do believe in love at first sight and I think its a beautiful thing when it happens to you.

Caleb Vines: I do believe in love at first sight however there are many facets to love and its only through embracing all of them that you fully experience the wonder of the  emotion.

InCinemas: What are some of your favourite numbers and/or favourite moments from the musical?  

Charlotte Campion: I like the moment when I meet the prince at the ball, because there is someone new and loving in her life. She feels love for the first time in her life and that's a special moment. I also like the duet I get to sing with the prince 'Everything I do’.

InCinemas: Why do you think the audience have to catch Cinderella, a fairly true story this December?

Charlotte Campion: Because its a fabulous show with lots of special effects, great singing and choreography with beautiful costumes and storytelling. 

Cinderella, A Fairly True Story runs from now till 4 Jan 2016 at the Resorts World Theatre!
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