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Golden Village Gold Class VivoCity Unveils New Ultra Luxurious Nappa Leather Seats.

By Flora  /  21 Dec 2015 (Monday)

Golden Village Gold Class VivoCity unveils new luxurious leather seats, the same material used in luxury sports cars for an ultimate movie-going experience. 

The new Barcelona recliners come clad with Nappa leather, the same material used by leading European automakers for their car seats as well as some of the world’s luxury goods. Durable and smooth, Nappa leather retains the original blemishes and texture of the raw material from which it was derived. Invented by Emanuel Manasse, a tanner from California, Nappa leather is soft and pliable and does not retain moisture, making it perfect for Gold Class® cinema seats.

A total of 110 Nappa-clad Barcelona seats were acquired by Golden Village. The seats come fully-contoured and provide ample support for the body, ensuring maximum comfort for all users. Cinema viewers can also adjust the footrest and backrest to their preferred angle. For those who worry about their technology carry-ons, all seats come with built-in USB chargers, so don't worry about those depleting batteries! 

Aside from the acquisition of new seats, Gold Class recently introduced new additions to its menu, such as truffle fries, Thai grilled chicken thigh and abalone udon. Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted to know that Gold Class now serves some decadent delights such as Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, Key Lime Pie and Oreo Milkshake.

Ticket prices start from  S$29.00. For more information on Golden Village Gold Class, head to their office website, here!
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