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In Assassination Classroom, the students of Class 3-E, the worst class in the prestigious Kunugigaoka Junior High School, were tasked with a secret mission to assassinate the enigmatic octopus-shaped creature, A.K.A. Korosensei, who is threatening to destroy Earth next March. In the ...
Watch the trailer and answer this question.  "A class divided on where _____ lies." a) loyalty  b) promise
Korosensei is back with the highly-anticipated Assassination Classroom 2, the sequel to the hit Japanese manga-to-film ‘Assassination Classroom’, is set to open in cinemas 28 April! Fans of the manga and movie, there will be a special fan screening of the sequel ...
Last Friday, Assassination Classroom 2 was released in Japan. From what we have gathered, this sequel is definitely a tear-jerker! So for all of you who are planning on watching, do remember to bring along a packet of tissue paper, or a ...
Yesterday, we mentioned Golden Village is having not one, but two(!) sessions of special preview screening. To add on to the anticipation, we have below the latest trailer of Assassination Classroom 2! Discover the shocking secrets in Korosensei's past, a class divided ...
In just two more days, Assassination Classroom 2 will hit local theatres, wrapping up the conclusion to the assassination of Korosensei. Some lucky fans had their chance to catch a special preview screening of the sequel last Saturday. A number of ...

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