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4 Things to Look Forward to in Assassination Classroom 2

By Yian Lu  /  09 Mar 2016 (Wednesday)
In Assassination Classroom, the students of Class 3-E, the worst class in the prestigious Kunugigaoka Junior High School, were tasked with a secret mission to assassinate the enigmatic octopus-shaped creature, A.K.A. Korosensei, who is threatening to destroy Earth next March. In the sequel, Assassination Classroom 2, the story continues with the students' own conflicts, Korosensei's identity and the fate of the world. As the time limit for assassination draws near, will the students successfully assassinate their homeroom teacher? Before we find out what happens as the movie opens InCinemas 28 April 2016, let's see what there is to look forward to in the sequel!

1. The cast

As most fans of the movie would have known, it was announced that Kazunari Ninomiya is taking the role of the world's best assassin, Shinigami (lit. Reaper); Mirei Kiritani as Class 3-E's former homeroom teacher, Aguri Yukimura; and Narimiya Hiroki as the mad scientist who created Korosensei, Kotarou Yanagisawa.

Top: Mirei Kiritani; bottom: Hiroki Narimiya ​
Source: @ansatsu_movie

More recently announced was Tsuyoshi Abe as the skilled sniper, Red Eye, whom the Ministry of Defense sent to assassinate Korosensei.

He really does look like he came right out of the original work, doesn't he?
Source: @ansatsu_movie

2. The set

The old school campus is actually an open set situated in Japan's Gunma prefecture! This campus houses the classroom of Class 3-E and it is also where a number of the well-known scenes take place!

In the video below, Gunma-chan (the mascot of Gunma prefecture) visits the set, hoping to catch Korosensei. But it seems Korosensei is nowhere to be found…

...actually there was no filming that day. Oops.

Source: 映画「暗殺教室〜卒業〜」公式サイト

3. The music (and the spin-off (?) behind it)

Following the theme song for Assassination Classroom, Sensations has a theme song for the sequel as well - Sayonara Sensation!!

Sensations is a 9-people vocal and dance group produced by Korosensei. They were originally an assassination group sent after Korosensei but they apparently and sadly, failed. Having fallen into the hands of Korosensei, as part of the promotion for the first movie, Sensations was in charge of the theme song, Korosensations.

In Sayonara Sensation's video clip, Bob Sapp, an American professional wrestler, actor, comedian and former American football player, also made an appearance as Master "B"! As the instructor of an assassination-specialised school, the Shadow Fixer of the assassination world, he taught Sensations all the assassination skills.

In an attempt to re-educate Sensations — who now totally believes in Korosensei — as assassins, under the disguise as Korosensei in order to get near to them, Master "B" took the chance to brainwash them.

When Sensations realised his true identity, they declared war! With their former teacher as the opponent, can they win...!?

Master "B" in his Korosensei disguise! ​
Source: 映画「暗殺教室〜卒業〜」公式サイト

4. The story

All in all, it still boils down to the plot! A little more in-depth, rough translation on the sequel's story...

Moving on to the second semester, there is only 6 months left for the assassination. After the busy school festival ends, Class 3-E takes a brief rest. During that period, one assassin's true form is revealed — Class 3-E's Kaede Kayano. As she launched her black tentacle, which she has been hiding, towards Korosensei, she clarified, "Aguri Yukimura's sister. Having said this, you would understand right?" Her true identity shocked her classmates.

Following that, Korosensei finally divulged his past, "I was the assassin they called 'Shinigami'."

In the final semester, snow falls and accumulates at the old school campus. With Korosensei's astonishing sad past coming to light, Class 3-E is on the verge of breaking. Is this going to be "assassination" or "salvation"? In the midst of this, a national-scale "Korosensei Final Assassination Plan" is unfolding. With the pressing time limit, what is Nagisa's and the other students' final answer?

What is the fate of the Earth going to be? Will the students manage to graduate successfully?

Source: 映画「暗殺教室〜卒業〜」公式サイト

Well, we will see how the assassination goes come next month. Till then! Nurufufufufu~
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