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[InC-terview] Ryousuke Yamada × Kazunari Ninomiya in Assassination Classroom 2

By Yian Lu  /  26 Apr 2016 (Tuesday)
In just two more days, Assassination Classroom 2 will hit local theatres, wrapping up the conclusion to the assassination of Korosensei. Some lucky fans had their chance to catch a special preview screening of the sequel last Saturday. A number of them also managed to take a photo with Korosensei!

Maika Yamamoto as Kaede Kayano: 2 more days!
Source: @ansatsu_movie

Whether or not you have watched or are planning to watch the movie, InCinemas.sg is delighted to share with you an interview with the cast, featuring two Johnny’s - Ryousuke Yamada and Kazunari Ninomiya!

Kazunari Ninomiya as Korosensei (voice) and Shinigami (lit. God of Death)

Q: In the sequel, you played the parts of both Korosensei’s voice, as well as his past as Shinigami. How did you feel when these roles were decided?
A: When the sequel was confirmed, I was delighted. And to be able to take part again in the sequel, I was really happy. In addition, I think it is an honour for me to play the part of Korosensei's past, which the students do not know about. However, similar to the first part, the movie is an adaptation, so I tried to play my roles well according to the original work. 

Shinigami being tied down and tested with chemicals before he becomes Korosensei
[anime version]

Source: akaacchi and lacuna-batata

Q: How was it playing both the roles of Shinigami and Korosensei? Were there any difficulties?
A: The scenes for Shinigami revolved around the relationship with Mirei (Kiritani) and Nari (Hiroki Narimiya). It was really important to illustrate their relationship between them. As Shinigami, I tried to remove any human emotions, and portray the severe topic of assassination, and I think Aguri Yukimura (played by Mirei Kiritani) helped me to express this naturally. She is also one of the reasons contributing to the existence of Korosensei, and I was thinking about how to convey this relationship to the audience, rather than how to portray the role of Shinigami.   

Mirei Kiritani as Aguri Yukimura, Class 3-E’s former homeroom teacher

Narimiya Hiroki as Kotarou Yanagisawa, the mad scientist who created Korosensei

I believe Yamada totally has the potential to act, but I also hope that he can gain more experiences in future.
- Kazunari Ninomiya on his thoughts about Ryousuke Yamada’s acting

Q: How was it to be able to act together with your junior, Ryousuke Yamada? What do you think of his acting in the movie?
A: On the first day of filming, Yamada gave me a surprise by coming over to greet me. It was really a pleasant surprise. I thought he was a conscientious person. Both of us originally belong to the same company, and as his senior, it would also be weird if he were not to come forward to greet me, but I felt that there was no need to give me a surprise. So he really impressed me a lot. It came as both a surprise and shock to me. 

About his acting, I think he is a good actor, so I was totally confident about his acting in the first movie, and he really played the role of Nagisa well. However, to play the lead role, apart from having the acting skills, I think it is also important to have certain experiences. Which means that I believe Yamada totally has the potential to act, but I also hope that he can gain more experiences in future. Through the various experiences, he will be able to gain the assets of acting, and I think he will be able to deliver different characters in his future works. I sincerely hope that he will continue to work hard in his career.

Ryousuke Yamada as Shiota Nagisa

I thought he was someone to look up to, and it would be difficult to achieve similar accomplishments.
- Ryousuke Yamada on his thoughts about Kazunari Ninomiya’s acting

Q: What was it like working with your senior, Kazunari Ninomiya? As a junior, what do you think of his acting/voice-acting in the movie?
A: The first time I met Ninomiya during the movie filming was not for our scene together, but it was his first day of filming when I went to greet him. I debuted around the same time when Ninomiya acted in the movie Letters from Iwo Jima, and I was surprised by him being able to act in a Hollywood movie. I thought he was someone to look up to, and it would be difficult to achieve similar accomplishments, nonetheless being able to act in the same movie with him. However, I hope to be able to become someone like him. The interesting thing of being in the Johnny’s is, I think, you are not really taught by anyone to do anything, but you sort of observe the others and emulate them. When you aspire to achieve similar or better results, you work hard for it. This is the feeling that I have now. 

Q: Is there anything fun that happened during the filming that you can share with us?
A: Since the first movie, our relationships have become closer in the sequel, and it was really rowdy at the filming site. All the classmates of Class 3-E also went to a barbecue meat restaurant for a gathering. 

Q: You had to execute some action scenes in the movie. Did you face any difficulties?
A: The fight scene with Karma (played by Masaki Suda) was really enjoyable. It was exhilarating to work with the (Eiichirou) Hasumi (movie director) team, because they would always put in their greatest effort. The scene with the sand and wind was really amazing, because I was so shocked that there was still sand in my ears after three days. (laughs) If the scene wasn’t so real, I think we would not have acted so well. Apart from this scene, there was a sense of accomplishment after completing every scene.

Masaki Suda as Karma, in the confrontation before the battle with Nagisa

Q: What do you think of your role as Nagisa Shiota? Do you see any similarities and differences between you and the character?
A: When the offer for the movie was being discussed, I always thought I was going to play the role of Karma Akabane, which is played by Masaki. When I was thinking of who will play the role of Nagisa, I found out that I was going to be the one, and I was quite troubled about it. Basically, my character is totally different from Nagisa’s, thus I did not really have the confidence to play his role. However, there must be some factors causing them to offer me the role of Nagisa, and so I thought there must be something that I can relate to his role. And if I do not take part in the actual filming, I would not know whether I am suitable for the role. Disregarding these worries, I jumped into acting for the first day, and I discussed about the role with the director, gaining many advices in building up the character. I believed strongly that I could fulfill the audience’s expectation as my own Nagisa, and I performed the roles with this belief in myself.    

Besides the interview, Ryousuke Yamada also has a message for fans in Singapore!

The first movie was very much interesting, but this time, we have brought the movie to a different level, which brings more interesting factors into the movie. Since it is a sequel, I think the audience would have higher expectations, but I believe we have surpassed that. The movie is very creative, and from the interactions and conflicts between the characters, we can view the human perspective. There are many experiences that people do not usually experience in their actual lives, but Class 3-E has gone through all these, leading to their graduation. I hope the audience can look forward to the movie.
- Ryousuke Yamada

If you caught the special preview screening, tell us about the movie in the comments below! (Don’t forget to check “Comment contains spoiler” if you are going to exclaim your love :) or hate :( for certain scenes in the movie.) If you are planning on watching the movie, Assassination Classroom 2 opens InCinemas 28 April 2016! Remember to check out our review on the movie as well!

Korosensei awaits your assassination this Thursday…
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