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I'm going to die next March.

By Yian Lu  /  06 Apr 2016 (Wednesday)
Yesterday, we mentioned Golden Village is having not one, but two(!) sessions of special preview screening. To add on to the anticipation, we have below the latest trailer of Assassination Classroom 2! Discover the shocking secrets in Korosensei's past, a class divided on where loyalty lies, and time is running out... Join Korosensei and Class 3-E on their final journey, and find out whether this bunch of flunkies detested by all, can kill a teacher who cares for them.

Not sure about you, but we feel like crying already! ; A ;

Bonus: Movie Pamphlet

Have you seen the pamphlet for Assassination Classroom 2 sold in Japan? Here's a sneak peek!
InC-cookie! (Fun fact which you may or may not want to know...)
In Japan cinemas, movie goods like pamphlets and other collectibles are available for purchase.

Left: graduation certificate as pamphlet cover
Right: starry glittering pamphlet with Korosensei's face

If only our graduation certificates look as cool as this! But since this is not possible, let's see if Class 3-E can get their graduation certificates when Assassination Classroom 2 opens InCinemas 28 April 2016!
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