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Goodbye, Korosensei.

By Yian Lu  /  28 Mar 2016 (Monday)
Last Friday, Assassination Classroom 2 was released in Japan. From what we have gathered, this sequel is definitely a tear-jerker! So for all of you who are planning on watching, do remember to bring along a packet of tissue paper, or a handkerchief, or a shoulder...you get it. While we can only wait for the sequel to open next month, let's take a look at some updates first!

1. Promotional clip shown one week before the movie released in Japan

Assassination Classroom: Graduation Special Lesson
FIRST HOUR: An assassin who revealed her true form
SECOND HOUR: Korosensei's past
- BREAK TIME: Various forms of Korosensei -
  • Peach Korosensei
  • Dog Kororsensei
  • Police Korosensei
  • Korosumasensei!?
THIRD HOUR: The broken-up Class 3-E
InC-cookie! (Fun fact which you may or may not want to know...)
Playing a pun on Karasuma, Korosumasensei is Korosensei's disguise as a fellow teacher.

In this promotional clip's special lesson, we saw Japan's version of what to look forward to in the sequel. If you haven't already read it, check out our version of 4 Things to Look Forward to in Assassination Classroom 2!

2. Singapore version teaser

Seems like we are getting a hilarious yet action-packed and sentimental sequel this April...

3. A special preview screening at GV Plaza

If you hope to catch the sequel before everyone else, be sure not to miss this chance!

Bonus: Faces of Korosensei

How many of these faces of Korosensei do you know? Which do you like best?

Rough translation:
nameteru - smug
nemui - sleepy
osinobi - disguise
takotubo - foxhole​

Editor's favourite is poison3! What about yours?
Source: Encore Films

Perhaps we will see some of these faces when Assassination Classroom 2 opens InCinemas 28 April 2016!
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