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Another Two Hours to Witness the End of an Era in Long Long Time Ago 2!

By Yian Lu  /  10 Mar 2016 (Thursday)
Last month, Jack Neo told us to give him two hours, and he'll give us an era. But of course, because two hours is not enough to finish the story about an era, at the end of this month, Long Long Time Ago 2 will be hitting the big screens to complete the tale.

In the sequel, we would see the changes experienced, be it by the characters or as a nation, as Singapore slowly developed, as people moved from kampongs to HDB flats. What was it like watching the black-and-white, incredibly unstable satellite television? What was it like to take the lift - which, just to jolt your memory a little (or some might not even know), stops at specific floors only - for the first time? Not to mention social issues of that time like inter-race marriage, and playing on the joke about how the police no longer wear shorts. As people change with time, will the kampong spirit remain?

If you have yet to watch part 1, you should at least know that the cast and crew took 4 long nights of filming to recreate the 1969 flood! Or you can check out the making of Long Long Time Ago and be awed by the effort devoted to local productions.

As we reminisce the past and count our blessings, let's mark our calendars - Long Long Time Ago 2 opens InCinemas 31 March 2016!
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