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Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk' Reveals New Trailers

By InCinemas  /  14 Jun 2017 (Wednesday)

Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated World War II film 'Dunkirk' just released three teasers named 'Trapped', 'Surrounded' and 'Hunted'. These three teasers represent the three elements, or three perspectives from which the story is told: sea, land, and air. Check them out below:

'Trapped' features Harry Styles as a one of the soldiers drowning underwater after their ship is attacked by the enemy.

In 'Surrounded', the main character Tommy (played by newcomer Fionn Whitehead) realises his gun jams as the enemies are closing in.

The last trailer 'Hunted' presents Tom Hardy as a Royal Air Force pilot whose jet is under attack.

'Dunkirk' opens InCinemas 20 July.
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