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Ever seen Paul Rudd in a HK action movie kicking a**?

By InCinemas  /  20 Jun 2018 (Wednesday)

‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’ charming leading star Paul Rudd had an interesting career. He has always been versatile with lots of experience playing a wide variety of roles. Here’s some proof of his earlier roles prior to landing the role of ‘Ant-Man’.
Arguably, his first big break was starring alongside Alicia Silverstone as her stepbrother in ‘Clueless’ released in 1995. The director described the character he plays as “cute but not hunky; smart but not stuck up and with a conscience but not wimpy and annoying”. That sounds like Paul Rudd to us.
Here’s a cute scene from the movie:

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
In this 1995 reboot, Paul Rudd stars as a high school student who attempts to rescue his friends from the boogeyman’s murderous spree. This was supposed to be his big-screen debut as it was filmed before ‘Clueless’ but released after that movie’s release.
Here’s an intense scene from the movie:

He plays Mike, Phoebe’s love interest-turned-husband in the final two seasons of hit TV sitcom ‘Friends’. His character is the classic “nice guy” boyfriend type that every girl wish she had. Reportedly, this character was just so popular and charming that the producers made him a recurring role in the show.
Here’s the proposal scene:

Gen-Y Cops
Paul Rudd in a suit with blond hair, fighting a killer robot? Yep! He played an FBI agent in this Hong Kong action flick released in 2000, the sequel to Gen-X Cops. See his acrobatic martial arts moves here:

Here’s video clip of him talking about the experience filming in Hong Kong (starting at 5:28):

***Bonus!*** Hear him ‘fart’ through an interview:

***Double Bonus!***

High School Yearbook photo in 1988 (Photo via Reddit)

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