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It's the Big Day for Desmond Tan and Amber An!

By Say Peng  /  19 Jun 2018 (Tuesday)

Local Mediacorp actor Desmond Tan and Taiwanese singer-starlet Amber An are getting married! For reel!

After a year of waiting, the much awaited film is finally coming to the big screen.

Written and directed by veteran director Lee Thean-jean, The Big Day is a romantic comedy of two about-to-be-married couple, funeral services director Xu Nuoyan (Tan) and free-spirited diving instructor An Shuyu (An). 

While the couple want a simple wedding, weddings, as we all know, are far from simple. 

Tensions start the minute Shuyu’s rural farmer father Bawan (Michael Huang) rolls into town and offends Nuoyan’s straight-talking businessman father, Ah Guan (Richard Low).

Then, the wedding couple have to contend with their contentious wedding planner, Jojo (Geraldine Gan), and best man Wira (Hirzi Zulkiflie), whose predictions of anything and everything that can go wrong have a habit of coming true. Add to that the social expectations of having to put on a grand show and impress their guests, you have a recipe for disaster. 

At the press conference yesterday, we saw the obvious chemistry between Desmond Tan and Amber An. They teased and made fun of each other.

Much ado was made about the multiple kissing scenes between Tan and An in the film. Who had more difficulty with the kissing scenes? Surprisingly, it was the guy and An revealed that she had to take the initiative.

Tan and An were also present for a meet-and-greet session with their fans at Bugis+ yesterday. 

More than a hundred fans turned up to see their stars in person. Some of them did not leave with their hands empty as there were games to be played and prizes to be won. 

Half an hour later, the stars were quickly whisked away as they had to make their way to the film's big premiere at the grand Capitol Theatre. Many of the fans trailed behind, wishing they could part of Tan and An's big day.

The Big Day will open in theatres on 21 June. Don't miss it!
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