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New VENOM trailer unleash more villains, including Riot

By InCinemas  /  31 Jul 2018 (Tuesday)

Image credit: Sony Pictures

‘Riot’, the big bad of the movie, is one of five symbiote villains that is spawned from Venom due to experiments from scientists. It can also cling to walls, and reshape its body to form tendrils or deadly bladed weapons. It appears to be bigger than Venom – Watch the trailer and judge for yourself.

It’s been widely rumoured that another villain of Venom – ‘Carnage’ will also appear in the movie, played by Woody Harrelson in human form. In the comics, Carnage’s long-time host is Cletus Kassady – a deranged and highly dangerous serial killer. Imagine Woody Harrelson in ‘Natural Born Killers’ mode in that role. Can’t wait to watch him face off with Tom Hardy!

Venom opens InCinemas 4 October

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