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Tom Cruise's 6 Most Memorable Lines

By Say Peng  /  30 Jul 2018 (Monday)

Tom Cruise is famous for many things.

His classic American good looks. His short build. His membership in the Church of Scientology. 

His iconic film roles and, of course, his iconic one-liners. 

Here are six of his most famous and iconic one-liners.

6. "Help me, help you."


How many times have we heard this repeated in our lives?

5. "You complete me."

Cruise can effortlessly play the cocky young hot-shot as seen in Need for Speed, but this scene shows that Cruise has range.

It's probably one of Cruise's most vulnerable on-screen moments.

Wonder if The Joker from The Dark Knight ripped off Jerry Maguire.

4. "Sometimes you just gotta say WTF."

Risky Business (1983) was Cruise's fourth film, but it was his first critically acclaimed film and it made the industry pay attention to him. 

After the critical and commercial success of Risky Business, Cruise went on to appear in Top Gun (1986), Martin Scorsese's The Colour of Money (1986), Rain Man (1988), and Born on the Fourth of July (1989).

This line is just... so quotable. 

3. "I feel the need... for speed."

Top Gun was THE film that made Tom Cruise a Hollywood star.

In the film, Cruise plays the cocky swashbuckling LT Pete "Maverick" Mitchell.

2. "Show me the money."

Another super quotable line!

How many times have we heard this used?

1. "I want the truth!" 

Tom Cruise and the inimitable Jack Nicholson have a go at each other in A Few Good Men, one of the classic films of American legal drama.

And the result is lightning.

Have we missed out any other famous Tom Cruise lines? Tell us in the comments below!
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