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Challenge Accepted: Tom Cruise takes James Corden Skydiving

By Flora  /  30 Jul 2018 (Monday)

Be careful what you wish for, or what you shake hands on. Here’s a good example when late-night host James Corden teased Tom Cruise about his crazy skydiving stunts in his latest action blockbuster, Mission Impossible - Fallout.

Corden talked about his flight stunt on his show and called it just ‘falling’, saying it was no big deal. And as you would expect it, Cruise invited and challenge Corden for a skydiving trip and here’s the clip we’ve been waiting for. It’s hilarious and lots of screaming involved. 

It wasn’t easy for Corden to face his fears, jumping off a moving plane 15,000 feet in the air with Cruise. Despite numerous failed attempts to back out, the host reluctantly went up the plane and after some swearing and hesitation, Corden finally plunges to his first tandem jump - a feat that is child’s play for Cruise who revealed that he took 106 jumps to get that perfect shot in ‘Mission Impossible - Fallout’. 

Cruise has been known to be the stuntman in his own right, attempting most of the dangerous stunts in himself. Read about the daredevil's most dangerous stunts here.


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