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Spice and a Little Bit of Nice!

By InCinemas  /  18 Aug 2014 (Monday)
It's all about the 'food and spice' in upcoming MediaCorp Channel 8's light-hearted drama 'Spice Up'.

The drama also stars Patrick Lee, Xu Bin, Sora Ma, Hong Hui Fang and Chen Shu Cheng, debuts 20 August, 9pm.

A gifted chef probably sums up Jeanette Aw’s character, Yu Nan in the upcoming Channel 8 drama who is born with a talent for cooking with a discerning palate. But is Aw a gifted chef in real life? Turns out, she isn’t that of a cook, but one who enjoys baking more.

“Cooking to me is more on a leisure basis, but is not something that I do very well… I think baking is therapeutic.” When asked about her best fare, Aw cited ‘Tiramisu’ and ‘cheesecake’, which she baked the latter for the production crew at one of her previous dramas.

“After a few years they actually asked me ‘when are you going to bake for us again?’, I think it should be pretty good for them to remember?” the actress chuckled.

Food item that best represents yourself: Tiramisu

A mixture of everything. - “You have the spongy bits, the mascarpone cheese, then you have the cocoa toppings on top. So basically you’ve got the soft layers, the chewy bits and if you want to put nuts inside, you have the crunchy bits. Lastly, the added alcohol or coffee for the ‘spice up’ bits.”

(Check out more photos from the media conference here!)

Malaysian actor Huang Qi Ming is no stranger to the local audience, having appeared in Channel 8 blockbuster films like Unriddle 2 and Entangled. In Spice Up, he plays Sora Ma’s boyfriend Mike whom he describes as one who ‘doesn’t have much opinions’.

When Huang accepted the role, he was hoping he need to cook in the show for he is afraid to touch ‘raw food’. “Be it chicken or fish, I’m afraid to touch it,” he explained. Huang then recalled an incident happened during the filming of the drama that he remembered fondly.

“There was a scene that I was required to stuff the chicken with herbs. As my character is the son of a gourmet, I couldn’t wear gloves,” he recounted with a cringe. We asked if he would do the scene once more, to which Huang replied, “If the story doesn’t require me to (do it), I don’t think I would.”

Food item that best represent yourself: Hot Fudge Brownie Cake

A brownie cake might seem just like any other dessert, but when you start to savour it, you will find enjoy the warm chocolate fudge that warms the heart. - “The first impression of me may be cool and quiet but when you start to know me better, I’m can be quite chatty!”

Spice Up debuts 20 August 2014, Monday - Friday 9pm on Channel 8!
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