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8 Mutant Powers for Singaporeans

By Yian Lu  /  06 May 2016 (Friday)
1. Telepathic and telekinetic power

Be in your client’s or boss’ good books, preparing their much-needed cup of coffee just when they thought about it, getting ready all the necessary files (Don’t forget to use your telekinetic power here!) before they even ask for it. Just remember not to steal their ideas during a meeting and say them before they do!

2. Shapeshifting abilities

“I wish I were…” is not something far from reality being a shapeshifter. You can literally be anyone. But don’t sabo your friends by metamorphosing into them and doing stupid things in their form.

3. Moving at inhuman speed / Teleport

Late for school? No problem, I will be there in five! With superhuman physical abilities or even teleportation abilities, the always-late or five-minutes-more (Zzz…) no longer has anything to fear.

As for the many of us who love to travel, not only is our passport ranked top 5 in the world, allowing us access to 173 cities and countries, we can even teleport to any country we want, saving us the price of air tickets. (Wa, good lobang!)

4. Destructive optic beams

Not so much the destructive aspect, but perhaps we can use these optic beams at Marina Bay Sands light show! 8D
Marina Bay Sands Singapore Laser Show
By HS2007T2. (Own work.) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

5. Control magnetic fields and manipulate metal

All metals at your command! How about that? Think of the number of things made with metal… Nothing is going to stop you during a traffic jam or MRT breakdown.

6. Control weather

In this little red dot where it is summer all year long, we could do with more rain or even snow! Gardens by the Bay brought us cherry blossoms to give us a little taste of spring. We can call upon snow to signify winter with this ability to control weather. And when the haze strikes again, let’s blow them all away with some cool breeze!

7. Flying abilities

Source: superherohype

Who needs more MRT lines and buses with new looks when we can fly from north to east to south to west? We also need not pay for expensive COE and daily ERP charges just to own a car, which gets stuck in a traffic jam — and you will be hoping you have mutant power #5.

8. A variety of superhuman abilities

Source: superherohype

But above all, being the first and most powerful mutant still beats the rest, isn’t it? Then again, we need to find our team of Destroyers to fight against the Defenders. …which might prove difficult given the Singapore “kiasu-ism” (lit. afraid to lose).

While we can only dream about having such mutant powers, it might be more entertaining to catch these mutant powers in action! X-Men: Apocalypse opens InCinemas 19 May 2016. Check out the final trailer below! (That last scene though…)

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