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[InC-Recommends] 12 Halloween Costumes Inspired by 2016 Movies!

By Flora  /  19 Oct 2016 (Wednesday)

It's Halloween!

Can’t find the time to create your own Halloween costume before heading down to Clarke Quay (that’s probably one of the hippest place to dress-up during Halloween) to parade and show off your #ootds? 

Well, there are a couple of pretty good Halloween costume ideas inspired by 2016 movies! Here, our InCinemas team picks 12 iconic film characters that you can easily DIY and re-create for your October Halloween getup!

Disney's Alice Through The Looking Glass
Christopher - InCinemas Interactive Media Programmer

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is for the true Halloween paraders and DIY crafters for the kaleidoscopic colours on these costumes is not an easy combination to experiment with. Alice is such a well-loved character, so be sure to do it justice if you intend to dress up as one!

What to wear: 
For Alice: Alice sports different outfits throughout the movie, so it’s easy to get a corset-looking black top over a red long-sleeve shirt with a grey pants to finish the look. 

For Mad Hatter: Anything eccentric will match Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter look. It’s essential to have the iconic red-orange curly hair wig and the top black hat to embody this character. The clothes aren’t as important as the freakish makeup, so be sure to spread the white powder base generously on your face for that eye-popping attention. 

Suicide Squad
Nicholas - InCinemas Media Programmer

Of course, there’s no short of superhero costumes when it comes to dressing up for occasions like Comic-Cons, birthday parties and Halloween. We’re quite sure there’s going be a ton of Harley Quinns and Jokers this year, especially after all that hype from the movie. 

What to wear: 
For Harley Quinn:  Played by Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn is now everyone's favorite anti-hero. Get the signature red-blue ‘Daddy’s Little Monster’ t-shirt, and her famous shiny jacket. Don’t forget the pink/blue hair spray and the temporary tattoos! Alternatively, just get an orange jumpsuit. 

For Joker:  Gel the hair back with green wax and be open to drawing a whole lot of creative tattoos all over your body. Eyeliners and deep-red lipstick is essential in bringing out that ominous Jared Leto look. It’s best to pair up with Harley Quinn while parading at the party. 

Stephanie - InCinemas Web Designer

Photo Credit: PopSugar

Who you gonna call? This is the ultimate #squadgoals for your 4some-possum group. With the all-female reboot that had us in stitches and introduced us to the world of recent Emmy-winner Kate McKinnon, this is going to be a fun night out with your girl pals.

What to wear: A plain-coloured jumpsuit will do the job. Iron-on a Ghostbusters logo badge for some squad identity and get a black backpack as your ghost-busting proton pack. Insert some plastic piping and hose for that authentic touch! Add layers of duct tape to get that homemade feel going.

The Legend of Tarzan
Flora - InCinemas Writer

Because #CoupleGoals. Tarzan and Jane costumes got a whole new look, thanks to the release of The Legend of Tarzan movie. Who says you can’t bring the jungle rumble to the streets of Singapore? Kids can jump on and dress together with their parents for the whole jungle theme! 

What to wear:
For Jane: An off-white or light-yellow dress smeared with dirt all over. Remember to paint a few scratches and bruises on the arms and legs to show like you’ve been swinging through thick forestation all this while. 

For Tarzan: A pair of dirty-green khaki pants and perhaps two to three tree vines to wrap around the bare bod. 

Disney's Zootopia 
Jia Yi - InCinemas Writer

(Check out the full gallery of photos taken at the STGCC 2016!)

We met two adorable cosplayers who cosplayed bunny Judy Hopps and fox Nick Wilde at the recent Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention… And they totally killed it! In fact, any animal from the Zootopia family will be a refreshing addition to the Halloween tradition.

What to wear:
For Judy: Bunny ears and a bunny tail with a blue cop uniform

For Nick: Orange fox ears and a bushy tail. For the outfit, get a green buttoned shirt, khakis, and a striped tie. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadow
Yian Lu - InCinemas Web Designer/Writer

This is best executed with a team of four, or five, if you want to include ninjutsu master Splinter (the rat). This year’s Ninja Turtle sequel introduces sidekicks Bebop and Rocksteady, the warthog and black rhinoceros that stole the show, so if you’re thinking of overshadowing your peers in green, this will be the perfect surprise. 


What to wear: 
For the Turtles: All four will have the same shade of green top and black bottoms. Get a black belt to style it further. Remember to differentiate yourselves with the coloured headbands - in blue, red, orange and purple!

For Bepop and Rocksteady: There’s no escaping from the animal masks, which you can either create them with cardboard or foam. For the outfits, think rock attire with red jackets and black pants. Add in chains and bling accessories for the full look.

Kubo and the Two Strings
Freddy - InCinemas Writer

Many of us loved Kubo and the Two Strings, and by the looks of it, this stop-motion feature may be the front contender at the awards season. You may not know all the fight moves, but if you can bring out the Kubo look, this is going to be a stunner. 

What to wear: A red kimono-style top embellished with gold-plated armour, together with a matching coloured pants will complete the look. Don’t forget the top bun, an eye patch and your samurai sword! 

  Eternality Tan - InCinemas Reviewer

There’s a range of characters from the X-Men cinematic universe to choose from - from fan-favourite Wolverine to majestic Magneto, we foresee this may be a hard decision to up your game this year. Perhaps the new mutant additions will somewhat inspire you? 

What to wear: 
For Wolverine: White singlet and a black leather jacket. Add the moustache and gel your hair up to its horn-like hairstyle, made famous by Hugh Jackman. For the claws, just get six cut-out boards and paint them silver for some added fun.

For Mystique: Take your cue from this cosplayer that stood out from the rest at the recent New York Comic-Con, where she turned heads with her creative interpretation on the mutant. 
Wow, right?    Photo Credit: Fashionably Geek

Disney's The Jungle Book
Rama - InC Reviewer 


It’s bear necessities to know the story of Disney’s The Jungle Book. Apart from the human boy Mowgli, the rest of the characters are all animals. To pull this look for Halloween, all you need is a group of sporting friends who enjoy goofing around with you.

What to wear: 
For Mowgli: A maroon-red underwear… and that’s it! Preferably a child cosplaying this character.

For the Animals: Onesies of all the animals featured in the movie! 

The Conjuring 2
Jason - InCinemas Reviewer

The horrifying thriller 'The Conjuring' series directed by James Wan received huge box office success. The two paranormal investigators Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) are now household names to horror buffs. Why not go on some ghost-hunting this Halloween as the famous supernatural investigators. 

What to wear: 
For Lorraine: A long plaid checkered skirt, preferably in blue or red, and a ruffly shirt with a black vest over it. 

For Ed: It’s all about the suit for this dashing character. A three-piece grey suit with a tie. Bring along a bible or a crucifix for you may actually need it. 

Sausage Party
Yun Huei - InCinemas Reviewer 

The R-rated animation comedy Sausage Party is all the rage right now. We believe you’re going to be the star of the night with these food-inspired costumes, because #Foodporn, right? 

What to wear:
For Frank: Remember, you’re a sausage, so a plain orange-beige one-piece suit and white gloves will do the job.

For Brenda: Also a one-piece off-white suit, and draw a dark line in the middle.

Train To Busan
Thompson - InCinemas Reviewer

There has got to be some zombies to ramp up the Halloween night! With Korea’s blockbuster Train To Busan taking the lead, it’s time for some good old zombie scares on the streets! 

What to wear: Rip off parts of your current clothing and paint some blood splats all over your face and body. Some intricate makeup might be needed for the protruding ‘veins’. 


It's time to play dress-up!

What is your favourite Halloween costume? Or any movie-inspired costume you hope to see this Halloween? Tell us in the comments below!
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