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LU-king at Michelle Chong as KTV Hostess, LuLu!

By Flora  /  21 Nov 2016 (Monday)

We’ve known the multi-hyphenate actress-director Michelle Chong as a versatile host; the lady boss of a film production and artiste management company; a film director of box-office hits; and of course, the very accomplished actress who brought to life the various sketches in Channel 5’s The Noose. 

Donning on the famous curly hair wig and decked out in a shiny leopard print mini skirt and fishnet stockings at the ‘LuLu The Movie’ press conference earlier, Chong never once broke character as the PRC Chinese KTV hostess. 

The movie which opens InCinemas 24 November, also stars Chen Tian Wen, Leon Jay Williams, Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman. 

“I am very honoured to be in the movie, and to support Michelle in this,” said veteran actor Chen who plays Lulu’s love interest. “Chong and I met at the makeup room some time ago, and she told me she might have a role for me in her movie. I immediately said ‘Yeah! Okay! On!’” And Chen wasn’t the only one who agreed without hesitation. 

Local songbird Tay Kewei who sang the theme song, also revealed at the press conference that she too agreed to lend her voice to the film immediately. “I was very excited! She's my idol!” 

For deejay Glenn Ong, LuLu The Movie marks his first foray into acting. “For Michelle to choose me - a total newbie - to star in her movie, I’m very honoured.” 

When asked about Chong’s directing style on set, Ong said it was ‘a fantastic experience!” “It was the best four days of my entertainment life! I was enjoying just watching her work, just being Lulu, being Michelle the director. She’s extremely talented!” 

He added: “We definitely want to support her all the way because we know she has put in so much effort. We’ve seen Michelle as the comedienne and the very happy actress, but there’s also a side of her… her focus on making a very good movie. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t support Michelle.”
Stay tuned to our interview with Lulu who gives us some great life advice!

Lulu the Movie opens InCinemas 24 November 2016!
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