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UK Magic Show 'Impossible' Comes To Kallang Theatre

By Freddy  /  21 Nov 2016 (Monday)

Richard Essien, also known as Magical Bones, is one of the six magicians who will perform in Impossible
Photo credit: AC Music Entertainment

After successful runs in UK and Dubai, the magic show ‘Impossible’ will kick off its Asian tour in Singapore next March. The show has been watched by 250,000 since it opened in July 2015.

The show features 6 magicians, each with their own specialty. The line-up comprises of Explosive Street Magician Magical Bones, Daredevil and Escapologist Jonathan Goodwin, Cutting-edge Conjurer Sabine van Diemen, Grand Illusionist Josephine Lee, Boundary Breaking Magician Ben Hart, and Mind-blowing Mind-reader Chris Cox. These 6 magicians will not only perform individually but also collaborate with each other for some tricks..

This show will have a storytelling element as well. Marcus O’Donovan, the Executive Producer of Impossible, promises a journey through the history of magic. “We start in the 1500s, and then we go into the future by the end of the show,” he explained.

Impossible Live in Singapore 2017
Date: 10 - 19 March 2017
Fri & Sat: 7.30 PM
Sat & Sun: 2 PM
Venue: Kallang Theatre
Ticket Price: $38 - $168

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Audience can expect to see a variety of illusions and even participate in them. “We have everything from close-up magic to very big, grand stage illusions. In fact, in one trick, we’re gonna actually take somebody out the audience. We’re gonna make them disappear. We’re gonna make them reappear on another part of the stage. So you have to see. It’s gonna be some pretty crazy tricks. We’ve got guys hanging upside down on fire and escaping. Things you’ve probably never seen before, we’re bringing them to Singapore,” teased O’Donovan, who also promises great lighting, amazing sets, and a few surprises.

Photo credit: Impossible Live

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This family-friendly magic show is suitable for children. “The show is great for families, really. Kids absolutely love the show…. I think it appeals to everybody. Anybody who likes something that is a bit different and a bit fun and just thinking ‘How did they do that?’ are the kind of people that want to come. So I think it’s a show for everyone, but it’s a great family event.”

Richard Essien, better known as Magical Bones, was in Singapore on Friday, 18 November, to promote the show. He performed some of his tricks on the stage, involving audience members, to give a glimpse of what we can expect from him in Impossible. You can watch one of his tricks here:

Essien has started doing magic since he was ten years old and has not stopped since. His career started out as a dancer, which still influences his style and why he chooses sleight of hand.

“I’m a dancer. I like dexterity. I like playing around with cards and moving them because the movement interests me a lot.” His signature move, the Backflip Card Trick, involves him throwing cards in the air and catching the right one while doing a backflip.

Magical Bones performs his signature move, the Backflip Card Trick
Photo credit: AC Music Entertainment

Since he comes up with his own tricks, he has various sources of ideas. “My inspiration comes from different things like music, films, life, but magicians as well, famous magicians. David Copperfield, David Blaine.”

Essien, who had his own stage show when he was asked to join Impossible, admits that he practices for 2 hours every day. When asked about what makes a great magician, he said “I think you need to be very disciplined, to understand people, and strive to be original.”
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