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‘The Nun' ad is so scary, YouTube had it removed.

By Flora  /  17 Aug 2018 (Friday)

Now, this is what we call a viral marketing done right. What’s better to promote a horror flick than getting banned on YouTube for its… well, scariness? 

YouTube removed an ad for ‘The Nun’ for violating its ‘violent and shocking content’ policy. The unstoppable advert was so terrifying that YouTube had it taken down. Even a tweet warning users about the ad went viral, amassing more than 138k retweets. That tweet saved many lives.

Because we know you are curious as to what the ad is, here it is below. In the event it is somehow not banned on other sites, look out for the volume button warning sign at the start of the video before you may get a heart attack. 

A volume icon appears on-screen, ticking down and up before a shrieking nun appears suddenly. 



If you didn't pee in your pants, perhaps the next challenge for you is to catch the movie when it opens InCinemas 6 September 2018!
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