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Meet 'Paskal: The Movie' Lead Actors and Director on 8 October!

By Flora  /  03 Oct 2018 (Wednesday)

Lead actors Hairul Azreen and Gambit Saifullah, together with director Adrian Teh (GOODBYE MR LOSER, THE WEDDING DIARY), from military action box-office hit "Paskal The Movie" are coming to Singapore on 8th October to attend the gala premiere and a special fans screening!

Fans can purchase tickets to GVMC Fan Screening: Paskal The Movie and be one of the first to watch the movie and meet their favourite actors and the Director at GV Suntec City on 8th October. Each ticket costs $30 and includes a popcorn combo. 

The movie opened in Malaysia last week on 27th September and grossed RM $2 million on its opening day, as the 2nd biggest domestic opening of all time! With a 140-prints release, "Paskal The Movie” collected a whopping RM $7.7 million after its opening weekend!

With a production budget of RM $10 million, the movie features actual military assets like KD Tunku Abdul Rahman submarine and the Super Lynx 300 helicopter coupled with intense action sequences. 

The movie reenacts missions carried out by PASKAL in the past and showcased the vigorous trainings PASKAL members have to go through. In addition, real PASKAL members were used as extras in the movie.

Based on true events, the movie tells the story of a Lieutenant Commander Arman Anwar (Hairul Azreen), a Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) Special Force PASKAL Operative. Arman lost his father to the same cause, therefore, his mother has always been bitter about Arman’s choices and predicament. In one of his dangerous missions, one of his teammates died and the other was dismissed. Just after Arman has decided to request for transfer, he is required for one last mission, not knowing it would change his life forever.

The movie opens InCinemas on 11 October.
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