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Taiwanese star Jason Wang (王识贤) currently shooting a new local film!

By InCinemas  /  17 Mar 2012 (Saturday)
If you are wondering about the reason for our covert meet-up in a secluded warehouse off Clementi, it is because the star from the hit Taiwanese television drama - Love 爱, is currently here in Singapore to star in a new local film titled GIVE ME 4 NUMBERS 《给我4个字》that will be slated for release in the second half of the year!

InCinemas was invited to the production set of GIVE ME 4 NUMBERS to interview Jason this late morning. We almost had trouble recognizing him even though he was standing next to us. Well, he had makeup on, with ruffled hair and a face that looked like he had not slept for days. Still, Jason remained charming and forthcoming during our 20-minute InC-terview session.

He plays Meng, a mechanic with a penchant for gambling. In fact, his addiction has cost him not only his wife, but the respect of his eight-year old son Xing Hai (played by the cute Ivan Lo (卢楷浚) from Jack Neo's WE NOT NAUGHTY 《孩子不坏》).

Meng's wife had left him several years ago, but instead of ‘waking up’ to reality, his indulgence in gambling intensified. He swears he will win it all one time. He just needs one break, and prove to everybody, especially his wife, that he’s a winner. Needless to say, that day has not arrived and looks far from arriving soon. Until the day when a dog with special powers enters their lives...

Guess what special power Flapper the dog is capable of?

It's the ability to predict 4D results accurately! If Flapper does exist with such 'talent', it would definitely cause a huge uproar in Singapore!

When we asked Jason if he had tried 4D before, the popular gambling choice of Singaporeans, he said no. "It is too difficult. The probability of winning is too low!" He then talked about the food he has tried, and want to try in Singapore. "There's laksa, Hainanese chicken rice, bak kut teh (pork rib soup), so many delicious food!" He had been here for a month for the shoot, and will be leaving Singapore next week.

This is the first time Jason is shooting a film in Singapore. When we asked how was his experience like, he said that it was too comfortable. "In Taiwan, it is very stressful as we have to shoot a television drama episode one day, and broadcast it the next day. Here, it is less pressurizing. It takes some time to get used to being comfortable."

In our InC-terview with Jason Wang, we learnt more about the Taiwanese actor himself. “He isn’t really like other stars who might tour around visiting many places,” his manager told us. “He actually would prefer to stay indoors and rest.”

“I’ve come to a stage where I would think more about my family than myself,” said the actor. “Like when I’m out shopping, I’ll think of getting things for my daughter and not for myself.”

Although taking up the role of an addicted gambler in the film, Jason does not like to gamble in real life. “When you come to think of it (gambling), it’s not worth the money, time and effort at all!”

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He shared with us his experience when he visited the casino at Marina Bay Sands and played the 'Tiger Machine'. "It gets boring after a while as you’re just pressing the same button again and again..." Pretending to doze off, Jason continues. “After all, you’re just playing with a machine and you should know your odds of winning.”

“I would stay at home, spend time with my family. Sometimes I observe what my wife is doing, and when she’s cooking, I’ll help out a little, like cutting the meat, spending time together. And I often Skype to keep in touch with my family when I’m away, and it has come to a point that my young daughter already knows how to use it by herself!” said Jason. “I find life more meaningful this way.”

Produced by Homerun Asia, mm2 Entertainment, Clover Films, J-Link Management and Primeworks Studios, GIVE ME 4 NUMBERS 《给我4个字》is currently in production and is slated to release in Singapore in the second half of 2012. The production budget of the movie is S$1 million.
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