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InCinemas: Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Update! Blog #2 (15 July 2012)

By InCinemas  /  15 Jul 2012 (Sunday)

[Find out who's Katniss in the Games in our Gossip below]
Just earlier in the morning, #4 Fiona bid farewell to her fellow friends in the academy. A sad and bitter moment for the 24-year-old former FHM model, who had failed to impress the three judges, namely Roy Loi Fey Huei, Billy Koh and Eric Ng.

You see, what the judges say affects the audience. Especially if what they say is valid. And two likely scenarios would arise. 

1) Potential supporters would have to double the effort to SMS their votes so as to keep finalist in the Games.

2) Potential supporters might given up and didn't put their votes into action.

(Photo - From Left: Roy Loi Fey Huei, Billy Koh and Eric Ng)

Now remember, the judges have only 30% on the outcome of the competition while the remaining 70% is up to you, the viewers and supporters! 

The theme for the seven female finalists is to choose a song of their choice that best represent themselves and to touch the heart of the audience.

So there we were, at the Dragonfly Bar, St James Power Station to experience their performance LIVE. Oh, and music were performed by a live band.

Fiona might have made a mistake when she changed her choice of songs just the day before, to Elva Xiao's 萧亚轩 - 最熟悉的陌生人 which she feels most confident in. Below is a quick summary of the conversation that took place.

Roy: "I recall in Master class that this isn't the song you have selected. Have you sang this song (最熟悉的陌生) in other competition before?"
Fiona: "Actually yes"
Roy: "Did you get in?"
Fiona: "No."
Roy: "So you see, what you think is good for you, may not turns out as you think would be!"

(Photo: Host Joel Tsoi 蔡荣祖 giving words of encouragement to Fiona.)

Personally, I liked Elva's version and there's tendency that one would tend to compare it with the original singer. So in this case, it's rather disadvantageous for Fiona as she didn't really succeed in bringing out the song. Same goes for #3 Natalie, I thought. She sang Hsu Jia Ying 徐佳瑩's 失落沙洲.. 

But then again, please note that I'm not a musically-inclined person so when I say I didn't enjoy it, it doesn't mean that the contestants didn't do well. Same goes the other way.

I thought #7 Jessie gave a lively and enjoyable performance, in contrast to the first 6 contestants whom had chosen the slower, emotional songs to move the audience. Even the male contestants were all up on their feet and dancing to the energetic rhythm. However the judges made rather negative comments which I, as a non-professional, fail to pick up. 

That's why we have judges of course! 

Here's a summary of the comments made by the judges.

 Vee  重伤    She doesn't sing like a professional, sounds  like she's 
 singing karaoke instead.
 Hui Xian    不痛 Her standard dropped during her performance in concert.
 Natalie 失落沙州     The more she sang, the more she lost her confidence. 
 Fiona 最熟悉的陌生人  Changed her song at the last minute, but still lacked 
 confidence. Performance was also not good.
 Celyn 你要的爱
 Rhythm was all wrong; if can't handle beat/rhythm
 well, not suitable to be a singer.
 Chloe  错的人 Not absorbed enough during her performance.
 Jessie 爱要坦荡荡 Voice not strong enough.

Let us know what you think! You can still catch their concert performance on Tuesday, 17 July, on its second telecast. Or simply switch to Channel 110 right now and see how they're coping at the Academy that has 24-hour camera surveillance so that you won't miss out the makings of a star.

Concert airing on E City (Starhub TV Channel 111/825)
First run: Saturday, 9:30pm
First repeat: Sunday, 12:30pm
Second repeat: Tuesday, 3:00pm

If you would like to show your support for the finalists, and wish to be there at their concert performance, InCinemas has 3 pairs of Sunsilk weekly concert tickets for giveaway!

GOSSIP: Who's Katniss?

Oh, there's a potential Katniss in the Games! My sympathy goes out to #11 Phil, the Caucasian who had revealed to the Psychiatrist that he felt like an outcast and that it's hard for him to connect with the rest of the finalists. Hmm.. Peeta you say? Things took a turn when Katniss helps him out in several areas, say translating some conversations Phil didn't quite fully understand! And by the way, it's rumoured that Katniss has a Gale but we can't confirm it yet!! 

We'll leave it to you to figure out who's Katniss! Definitely one of the female finalists! Either tune in to Channel 110 or watch the second repeat of the concert performance to find out! The producers and emcees gave special mention to both Peeta and Katniss! Haha!

I've attached some of the photos I've taken at the Dragonfly Bar. Photos in order of the female finalists! Enjoy~

(Thanks Angeline from Starhub to take this photo when I'm away. Also thanks to Portia who had specially written 7 letters of encouragement to each of the female contestants!)

Last but not least, all the best to the remaining 13 finalists! Next week, one of the boys will be eliminated!

Happy Sunsilk Academy Fantasia~ And may the odds be ever in your favour!

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