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A Zombie Movie Date Experience at Shaw Theatres premiere

By InCinemas  /  18 Mar 2013 (Monday)
(Image: A well-behaved Zombie Aloysius trying not to creep his date out)

Like Aloysius Pang and Geraldine Tee, make your date special at Shaw Theatres premiere with the zombie-themed romantic comedy, Warm Bodies! Find out how you can spend a memorable Zombie date with your loved ones after the jump!

Geraldine Regine Tee, the lucky winner of Shaw's Zombie movie date, has been picked to enjoy an exclusive preview and movie dining experience last Wednesday 13 March (on the eve of White Day) with the main zombie character – R, role-played by up and rising local actor, Aloysius Pang.

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The movie date started off with a chat in the lounge, followed by the pre-screen, prior to the start of the movie in the state of the art theatre. 

You can enjoy these special treats with the Shaw Theatres premiere Warm Bodies movie set which comes with Truffle Fries, popcorn, soft drinks and a movie goodie bag!

(Familiar pose?)

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On her thoughts about this Zombie Date, Geraldine expressed that she was incredibly thrilled that she was the one and only Julie for R. Her love for zombies increased tremendously after watching Warm Bodies on the big screen. Here are some of her Twitter updates:

  • “My love for zombies has increased thisssssssssssss much. Doesn't seem like a lot but it is.”
  • “Hello I just had a movie date with @AloyPang (Aloysius Pang’s Twitter account) and no, it wasn't a dream.”

WARM BODIES is rated PG13 (Violence and Some Coarse Language) and is now showing in theatres islandwide.

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About Shaw Theatres premiere - (located at nex shopping mall)
SHAW THEATRES premiere is the first movie theatre with premium services to feature 3D digital technology in Singapore.  It is also the first movie theatre in the suburb areas to upgrade the comfort of movie patrons while watching their favourite movies with enhanced technology and dining (lounge and in-theatre) services.

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