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Celebrity Twins Jayley and Hayley Star in 'CHEF: Bibimbap vs Chilli Crab'.

By Freddy  /  13 Apr 2017 (Thursday)

Flavours of South Korea and Singapore fuse together in ‘CHEF: Bibimbap vs Chilli Crab’, a brand new original theatrical production by Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and Persona Inc., a leading South Korean production company helmed by acclaimed director Choi Chul Ki.

The production will feature not only the iconic Singaporean dish, but also two local starlets, Jayley and Hayley Woo. They both snatched the role after an audition process. Jayley admitted that participating in this is what both of them have longed for. “It has really been one of our dreams to take part in something musically or Korean-related,”

However, the twins will not be performing together. They will take turns on different nights to play the role of Cutie Chef. However, they performed together in a dance number during the press conference. Here is a short preview of the performance:

A short preview of the new live production of 'Chef Bibimbap VS Chilli Crab' featuring @jiaqiwoo & @hayleywoojiayi

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CHEF: Bibimbap vs Chilli Crab
Date: Sat, 10 Jun - Sat, 22 Jul 2017
Thur to Sat: 8pm
Mon (26 Jun 2017 show): 2pm
Sunday: 2pm
Venue: Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
Ticket price: $38-118

(Purchase the tickets here!)

Jayley and Hayley have only had one singing lesson in their training, but it only took them 2 hours yesterday to train for the performance together with the rest of the cast. “Jayley and Hayley are very good actresses. So they could catch up very fast,” said Director Choi.

Of course, this does not mean that the twins did not face any challenge. “For me I think it will be the language barrier. Because every time when we are rehearsing, we have to listen carefully. I mean, there is a translator on set, but the thing is if you want to know quickly what’s happening you just have to be very observant about it and we we just have to play by ear,” shared Jayley.
Her sister is more comfortable with the language, though. “I think luckily for me, I’ve watched enough ‘Running Man’, so my vocabulary for Korean words is not too bad. So I still understand some words easily.”

Performing on stage is a new experience for the sisters, whose experience was mainly on television. “Acting is like, anytime, if you see something wrong, you can cut and start all over. But this is just one go,” explained Hayley. “For me, it will be the singing part, because we are so used to acting, so naturally we will just portray more of like the internal expression. But whereas on stage it is more singing and theatrical, so everything must go out,” added Jayley. Both admitted they love performing on stage.

There is also a unique challenge in working together with each other. “Because we tend to pick on each other’s mistakes. It might come across as offensive, we might start to quarrel. But that is another bonding material for us to touch on.”

“We have had around 1,000 performances worldwide. What makes Singapore production so unique is that we make a competition between chilli crab and bibimbap, and audience can actually choose which one is better during the show. That is unique from any other production all over the world,” elaborated Director Choi.

This show will tantalise not only your eyes and ears but also your taste buds. The award-winning RWS Executive Pastry Chef Kenny Kong has especially created a Chilli Crab Tart for the show. We get to try the dish and we were pleased with the flavourful chilli crab sauce filled with generous chunks of crab meat. The pastry can be purchased at the Resort World Theatre’s food and beverage counter during the weekends. Audience who has purchased the weekend VIP category and Category one tickets will receive the tart and a can of Coke for free.

‘CHEF: Bibimbap vs. Chilli Crab’ is a non-verbal performance using live beatboxing and b-boying to tell the story of Korean and Singaporean chefs locked in a riotous competition - with generous servings of humour and fun! Singaporean celebrities Jayley and Hayley Woo will take turns to play the Cutie Chef, in a local adaption of a new brand of "Bibap" that is set to bowl you over. So will it be Bibimbap or Chilli Crab? It's time to take sides!

(More information about the show here!)
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