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Song Ji-hyo Finds Herself Caught Between 4 Men in New a Rom-Com Drama

By Chen Shun  /  29 May 2020 (Friday)

​Did We Love?
is a new romantic comedy starring Song Ji-hyo as Noh Ae Jung in the lead role. She will portray a movie producer/single mom who has been living on her own for 14 years. As someone who does not believe in love anymore, she finds herself plunged into an unexpected situation when four different men enter her life at the same time.

In the first teaser, the viewers are introduced to its leads with a hilarious Western theme. Noh Ae Jung and her daughter Ha Ni (Uhm Chae-young) are on the run as sword-wielding bandits chase them down on horses. Just as the villains are about the catch the duo, a hero rescues them from afar by shooting them down. As the mother-daughter pair catches sight of their saviour, Ha Ni screamed out, "Father is here!" 

Things become interesting when Noh Ae Jung grows confused as not one, but four different cowboys saunter into the picture together. "What? Two…three…four?" In front of her is the handsome Ryu Jin, scary and sexy Goo Pa Do, young and manly Oh Yeon Woo and last but not least, charming ex-boyfriend Oh Dae Oh.

Noh Ae Jung turns back to her daughter in distraught and asks, "Who amongst them do you mean?" 

Did We Love? will premiere on 8 July.
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