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Top 10 Romantic Korean Web Dramas + BONUS

By Chen Shun  /  01 Jun 2020 (Monday)

Hallyu wave has been an enormous phenomenon ever since social media was a thing. You might not like it, but you can’t deny the charms of visually stunning idols and great drama/film that always seem ahead of their times. Today I will be letting you know about the latest trend that has quietly been on the rise, web drama.

While the rest of the world focus on video-on-demand and streaming platforms, Korea’s entertainment companies found an outlet for them to release quality dramas without the need of creating a new website or app. Where? It is the free-to-stream platform, Youtube

As companies found that many teens to young adults generally do not spend much time in front of the television anymore, they needed another platform to attract the younger crowd. When they turned to Youtube, companies shortened the episode to 10-20 minutes. 

To attract more viewers, many of these web dramas cast popular idols and young budding actors. For international fans, most web dramas are also equipped with subtitles from many languages! If this is your cup of tea, scroll down for some of our favourite web dramas!

The World Of My 17

The World Of My 17 tells the heartfelt story of growth and friendship in high school, where friends can severely impact your life and social standing in the school. This series follows four friends, Oh Na Ri, Im Yoo Na, Im Sun Ji, and Seo Mi Rae as they learn through life lessons that real friends will always be there for one another.

When the series was first teased, many anticipated excitedly as this is the acting debut for Oh My Girl’s Arin!

Love Playlist

Love Playlist is your everyday drama that focuses on romance and friendship between a group of college students, and most episodes are told from the point of view of a specific character. The series currently has 4 seasons, and it is one of the most popular Korean web drama to date. 

Having accumulated over 400 million views, Love Playlist is a must-watch for any web drama enthusiast. In 2017, Playlist Studio recruited several unknown rookie actors for this web project, and it unexpectedly did so well that it stabilised the entire company.


When A-TEEN was first released in 2018, it was so popular with teenagers that sparked a craze in following its fashion and beauty trends. The web drama is bound to keep you glued as they are embroiled in a web of romance and friendship.

Ever since the first season premiered, many of the cast have shot to fame! The actors include Kim Dong Hee (‘Extracurricular’, ‘Sky Castle’), Shin Ye Eun (‘He is Psychometric’) and April’s Na Eun (‘Extraordinary You’). The series currently has 4 seasons.

Just One Bite

Just One Bite features three best friends and their romance lives. They often gather to discuss, chat and seek advice from one another while having some mouth-watering food (hence the title). The drama currently has 2 seasons.

Ending Again 

Ending Again tells a story of an eccentric duo that somehow ended up in an official marriage so that they can receive a “newlyweds housing loan” (e.g. governmental financial support for newly married couples). All seems fine, but what will happen when the ex-boyfriend of 8 years comes back?  

Flower Ever After 

Flower Ever After showcases the stories of two couples, with one having dated for seven years and the other for one year. From the very start, the series tells us that one of the two couples will get married. The drama will bring you on a roller coaster ride as viewers try to guess who will officially tie the knot.

One Fine Week

Two girls with completely different life but looks the same cross paths in life. Through twist and turns, they had to swap identities for one week, but unexpected romance happens during that short duration. Can they go back to how it was?

If you like K-pop, you are in for a treat! In the leading roles are Lovelyz’s Jisoo and MYTEEN’s Jun Seop!

Society Obsessed With Love

Society Obsessed With Love talks about a girl Sa Rang who loves cooking, photography and her cat, Oi. Before she knows it, everyone around her is in a relationship. Being peer pressured into finding love, will things turn out perfect for her?

Sa Rang is acted by idol turned actress Kim So Hye (ex I.O.I member).

Maybe, Maybe Not

Ye Ji was born with a peculiar ability to read people’s mind. Due to that, she has become particularly sensitive as she knows how others feel about her. One day, she meets Jung Seok, and interestingly, she can’t read his mind. As they spend time together, a budding romance starts to grow between them.

Office Watch

Office Watch will be relatable and hilarious if you are an office worker. Our main characters have to deal with difficult colleagues daily, but it also captures the essence of blooming office romance. I am sure if you work in an office, you will deal with coworkers that you can’t find 24/7, those that always pretend not to know if it is not in their job scope or even seniors that use hierarchy to push work to you. 

Special Mention: XX

Yoon Na Na and Lee Roo Mi were once best friends and are both successful in their career field. Like an ill-fate that can never be entirely apart, they meet again 5 years later but as a boss and a worker. As they unwillingly work together, relationships and history resurface. Instead of running away, they face it bravely as best friends again.

This series might not be as popular as the others on the list as the theme is a bit darker and more badass, but it is just as good if not even better than some! Popular girl group EXID’s Hani acts as Yoon Na Na. Compared to the other web dramas XX stands out much more as the vibe and cinematic style is different but who said different is bad right?

Will the next big Hallyu trend be web dramas? As popular channels add subtitles in multiple languages, it is not a surprise if more people are hooked onto it! 
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